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Escape from Tarkov Factory Map Guide – Tips to play in Factory Map

Want to know all the important sectors of Escape from Tarkov Factory Map then check below.

Factory in Escape from Tarkov is an industrial estate, with massive open regions if you do not know where to go then it will be chaotic. There are many levels and an underground tunnel, along with this there is the main floor, second and third floor also. If you are looking for details on how to escape Factory fast in Escape from Tarkov then this guide will help you. I will share important locations like extraction points, snipers, scat bosses, etc. Extraction points are the first spot to focus on, there are catwalks and also locks around the factory area.

Escape From Tarkov Update 12.11 introduces brand new weapons and a new boss in the Factory Map. Here are all the new changes in the Tarkov Factory Map Update 12.11 and how to play them.


New Factory Map Update

Tarkov Factory Map has major expansion in the Tarkov Update 12.11. There are many changes in the map with new challenges. Scav Boss Tagilla is added to the map which increases the battle level. Raids will not be easy this time. I am going to share with you the Tarkov Factory Map Tagilla Boss locations with all new changes. You can also check out the extraction points below.

Tarkov Factory Map New


Thanks to Reddit User u/JohnnyTushonka for a 3D Tarkov Factory Map. This gives a much detailed version of all exits and all important locations in the Factory.  You can download a 7680×432 Resolution from Reddit Link here. In case the link is missing or not working hit the Download button below.

Download 3D Tarkov Factory Map – Update 12.11 

What is new in Patch Note 12.11

  • Factory Expansion.
  • New scav boss Tagilla.
  • Iteration of weapon malfunctions and technical deteriorating.
  • New weapons.
  • New quests.
  • New barter items.
  • New PMC face customization options.
  • New weapon mods.
  • Ability to report a suspicious player in the flea market.
  • Special player status “Streamer”.
  • New main menu background.
  • New skill “Weapon maintenance”.
  • New skill “Troubleshooting”.
  • Maximum level of character changed to 79.

Tarkov Factory Map Tagilla Boss location

Tarkov Factory Map Tagilla Boss Location

Tarkov Factory Map Weapons location

Tarkov Factory Map Weapons Location

Escape From Tarkov: Factory Extraction Point:

Starting with the most important one I will list all the Escape from Tarkov Factory Extraction points. There are five extraction points located in the North-West, West, South-West, South East area, and North-East corner. It can be confusing to find if you are new to the map.

Escape from Tarkov Factory Map

Above is Escape from Tarkov Factory Map Extraction Points, with over 5 points you can plan yours exist after completing the objective. Make sure you head in the right direction or else you will find yourself driving away from the extraction. Also, keep a close watch on which floor you are, this will help you to figure out your current position.

Escape from Tarkov Factory Map

The next thing to search on is Keys in the Factory Map and it is not that tough to find. Most of the keys are in the Western part of the Factory area, you have to check Floor 1 for two keys. The area is big with a lot to cover, but the best thing about Factory Map is a lot of things are near to each other. Weapons are easy to find, extraction points are not really far, and once floors are small.

Factory is a small area in Escape from Tarkov, no like Woods Map which is quite massive with a wide-open area. You can use this guide to keep a close watch on all the key locations of Escape from Tarkov factory map.