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Escape From Tarkov Beginner’s Guide: The Basics of Survival

Escape From Tarkov Beginner's Guide

This guide will talk about Escape From Tarkov. This is a harsh and striving for realism first-person shooter from the Battlestate Games studio. In this article, we will give you tips on how to play Escape from Tarkov for beginners.

Learn the Things That Can Kill You

Let’s start this Escape from Tarkov beginner guide with the most common thing – death. First, you need to figure out what can kill you in Tarkov. In addition to a simple bullet, a cold steel strike, and a grenade, death in EFT can overtake you in a variety of ways. This can be dehydration, starvation, bleeding, falls, bushes, invisible bots, and other bugs.

But you shouldn’t be afraid of any of the above. Death from these sources occurs mainly due to forgetfulness. It is always worth checking how much water and food you have before going to the raid. Of course, if you do not, death will not come instantly. In the beginning, the screen and hands will begin to shake, it will become cloudy in the eyes, and as a result, health will begin to slide gradually to zero.

In that case, forget about despair. On any of the maps, you can safely find bags of food and water. Also, medicine will help in this matter. First-aid kits and anesthetics will restore health and while you are looking for food.

Escape From Tarkov Recommendation

Escape From Tarkov Guide: Medicine and Treatment

The next part of our Escape From Tarkov guide for newbies is death. After the introduction of patch 0.12, medicine became so important that if you thoughtlessly spend all your starting capital, you may find yourself in a situation where you cannot recover after a death in the raid.

Yes, death in the raid leads to the fact that you lose most of your health, which does not recover in the main menu. Now you have to spend first-aid kits to recover completely. Of course, you can go out like that, but with bad luck, you will immediately die.

Most often during the game, you will have to deal with bleeding and fractures. Less often, you will deal with shell shock, tremors, and dehydration. The easiest thing is to deal with bleeding since immediately after the initial period of the game, you begin to carry first-aid kits, which allow you to heal and bandage the wounds. Initially, you can carry a bandage for two uses.

Do Quests

Yes, there are quests in Escape from Tarkov. For the most part, their essence is to make you go somewhere, get a thing, and then put it in another location, or simply shoot a certain number of bots and players. Yes, they are not diverse, but quests are the best way to increase your level and reputation.

Also, if you don’t do them, then at some point it will become clear that loot from merchants is limited. With the current economic situation in the game, this can quickly lead to your bankruptcy not from frequent deaths, but from the fact that all the money was spent on equipment at sky-high prices. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you complete quests to get level 30.

This EFT guide discussed the most typical things that will help new players to survive in this game. Following these Escape from Tarkov recommendations, it is possible to be on the top of the ladder.