Escape From Tarkov Best Armor – Tier List

Check out here to know what’s the Best Armor for you to wear in Escape from Tarkov.

Survival is the general rule of thumb when you are playing Escape from Tarkov. While you can purely rely on your skill for that, I suggest you get a little help through Gear and other equipment. As we are speaking of it, I could not think of a better way than wearing an Armor to increase your survivability. I mean, they surely do decrease your movement speed but in exchange, provide a great deal of resistance against incoming attacks.

Currently, there are over 20+ Armors available, excluding Helmets that contribute a lot to your protection too. So it might get a little overwhelming to opt for any particular one. Moreover, not all of them will offer you the same amount of resistance. And that is why, I think this Escape from Tarkov’s Armor Tier List can help you plenty. So let’s get started, shall we?

Escape from Tarkov Armor Tier List

Our Tier List consists of four Tiers that start from S (best) and go all the way down to C (worst).

6B43 6A Zabralo-Sh body armorS35010.8 kg
FORT Redut-T5 body armorS3468.1 kg
NFM THOR Integrated Carrier body armorS3108.5 kg
BNTI Zhuk-6a body armorS1652.97 kg
FORT Defender-2 body armorA2105.7 kg
IOTV Gen4 body armor (High Mobility Kit)A2007.88 kg
IOTV Gen4 body armor (Full Protection Kit)A2489.08 kg
6B13 M modified assault armor (Tan)A1542.8 kg
BNTI Gzhel-K body armorA1542.95 kg
BNTI Kirasa-N body armorA150 3.0 kg
FORT Redut-M body armorA2407.7 kg
IOTV Gen4 body armor (Assault Kit)A2128.18 kg
NPP KlASS Korund-VM body armorB1601.9 kg
Interceptor OTV body armor (UCPB1323.8 kg
DRD body armorB1204 kg
HighCom Trooper TFO body armor (Multicam)B1004.1 kg
6B23-1 body armor (Digital Flora)C1563.3 kg
6B23-2 body armor (Mountain Flora)C1563.3 kg
6B2 body armor (Flora)C1285.4 kg
NPP KlASS Kora-Kulon body armorC12811.1 kg
DRD body armorC1204 kg
6B13 assault armorC1082.8 kg
PACA Soft ArmorC1003.5 kg
PACA Soft Armor (Rivals Edition)C1003.5 kg
MF-UNTAR body armorC1008.5 kg
5.11 Tactical Hexgrid plate carrierC1006.42 kg
LBT-6094A Slick Plate CarrierC1001.3 kg
BNTI Module-3M body armorC806 kg
NFM THOR Concealable Reinforced Vest body armorC701.7 kg
Hexatac HPC Plate Carrier (Multicam Black)C00.47 kg

Here’s How I Created the Tier List

While creating our Escape from Tarkov’s Armor Tier List, I first filtered out armor that provided higher resistance. After that, I considered the weight of the Armor as an important factor as well. That is because, if you get encumbered after wearing armor, then your movement speed will reduce ridiculously.

Best Armor in Escape from Tarkov
6B43 6A Zabralo-Sh Body Armor

Also, not to mention that all of these Armor protect only some parts of your torso. For example, our top pick, the 6B43 6A Zabralo-Sh body armor protects your Chest, Stomach, Arms, Neck, Throat, and Groin. These parts of the body are more likely to get hit by a bullet. And with its insane durability of withstanding 350 damage, you can outlast everyone on the map. As an exception, we neglected its weight as this armor’s protection range and durability compensate for it.

In case you want to get your hands on a different Armor, you can study everything about it in detail on Escape from Tarkov’s Fandom.

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