Escape From Tarkov Latest Promo Codes (November 2023)

Here are some latest Escape From Tarkov promo codes you can use to unlock discounts on your purchase.

Are you looking for the latest Escape From Tarkov promo codes? In this post, we have shortlisted all the latest codes that can get you a lot of rewards, discounts, and more free stuff.

Make sure to visit this EFT codes page very frequently because we will keep updating this list regularly.

Escape From Tarkov Promo Codes List

Last checked for new codes on November 15, 2023. 

Here is a list of all EFT Promo Codes. Some of them could be expired but you can try testing them out while making a purchase.

  • GROUNDZERO – Injector case (New)
  • IAMMIGHTY – M4A1 SAI, G28 Patrol, USEC Trooper armor (New)
  • ARMORPLATES – AVS rig, ANA M1 rig, 2 Tan (New)
  • ULACHRICHANDEXPENSIVE – Injectors. 2x Melodnin/Propiatl/eTG-c/Zagustin/Trimadol (New)
  • LEFTHANDHEADEYES – AESA (Phased Array Element), Intel, large steel Fuel can (New)
  • 1CLICKDRESSUP: Redeem this code to get CPC GE, modded MDR “Killtube”, Death Knight Mask, and a Weapons case.
  • TRAMBON: Redeem this code to get Slick armor, Armor repair kit, and Redut-M armor.
  • BARMALEY: Redeem this code to get 120xPS12B, 120x.357Magnum HP, 1x Moonshine, 1x Ash12 Revolver, 2x AmmoBox, and Cr 50DS Revolver.
  • S00NS00N: Redeem this code to get 1x Meds case, 1x Keycard holder, 5x Labs Access, and other rewards.
  • PINEWOOD: Redeem this code to get MK-18 Mjolnir, 20x .338 Lapua Magnum AP, and Chekannaya 15 apartment key.
  • Kazam – Full refund on purchase (limited time code)
  • 20902FN362: Get 30% discount.
  • UZZFEED: 10% discount.
  • 2008NMAP4STU
  • 8A6E2D3A: 10% discount on first order.
  • SAVE 15% OFF: 15% off when you spend above $70.
  • 23% OFF: 23% discount on new orders or upgrades.
  • 20% Cashback: Get 20% Cashback.
  • 25% Off: 25% discount on pre-order.
  • NOVABABE5-ZHGQSU: 30% discount on order.
  • NOVABABE5-SD62JR: 30% discount on order.
  • SEMI40: 30% off when you spend above $70.
  • pcnK2s: 30% off when you spend above $75.
  • WORK30: Get a 30% discount.

Most of the codes are active and will help you to unlock discounts, and some of them are expired. You can check all the codes to verify them. Also, some codes like XOKENNEDY unlock additional coupons you won’t get any base discount but you can get some additional bonus Escape From Tarkov Promo Codes. We will be updating this guide regularly to check back for more details.

Escape From Tarkov is a hardcore online first-persona RPG MMO game with story-driven missions. The game becomes highly competitive with every region and things get complicated. It is an amazing game to try out if you are a fan of games like Call of Duty or Counter-Strike. You will be playing the role of mercenaries who are surviving in the Tarkov conflict. Pick a side, be a USEC or BEAT, and make your way out of the city. If you are highly interested in grabbing a copy of the game then try out these Escape From Tarkov Latest Promo Codes.

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