Escape From Tarkov Reserve Map Guide

Federal State Reserve Agency base is a massive region, where you can lose easily. Check our Escape From Tarkov Reserve Map Guide to learn about key extraction points.

Escape From Tarkov Reserve Map is a secret Federal State Reserve Agency, a military remote area with the vast rail network and storage depots. The base is used by PMCs and Scav Raiders, and it is one of the most competitive maps in Escape from Tarkov. Can hold up to 10 players Escape From Tarkov Reserve Map gives enough room for the squad to plan and execute attacks. With easy weapon accessibility and Military grade item spawn Reserve is one of the best maps in Escape From Tarkov. In this guide, you can learn about all key locations of Escape From Tarkov Reserve Map.

Escape From Tarkov Reserve Map Extraction Point:

Reserve has 10 extraction points, scattered throughout the map you can plan a safe exit if you are done with your objectives. Because of its size, Reserve Map brings massive ground to explore, with amazing loot you can still plan a safe exit if you know where are the all 10 extraction points located on Reserve Map in Escape From Tarkov.

Escape from Tarkov Reserve Map Exit Points

Here is a Map by, with all the necessary Extracts and Loot updates. On the right bottom, you can see the list of Extraction Points. With over 10 Reserve Exits try to be at the nearest point whenever you are done with your objective. This will speed up your extraction and you can safely jump out of the battle and win the round. Here is the list of all Escape from Tarkov Reserve Map extraction points.

  • Bunker Hermetic Door
  • Cliff Descent – Paracord and pickaxe required
  • Scavs Land – If PMC, bring scav. IF Scav, Bring PMC
  • Sewer Manhole – No backpack required
  • Armored Train – Wait for the train
  • Hole in the Fence by the Mountain – Scav Extract
  • CP Fence – Scav Extract
  • Heating Pipe – Scav Extract
  • Depo Hermetic Door – Scav Extract

Armored Train is located near to the rolling stock repair and maintenance depot. This extraction point will not be available all the time, but if you are near to this point keep an eye on the train. It will honk twice and will wait for 7 minutes. Hermetic Door is a bunker door near the military guard barracks. This can be used every time, travel to the southwest of the helicopter towards a shack. Unlock the door and you have 4 minutes to exit.

Sewer Manhole near the PTOR is another exit point that you can use anytime on Escape from the Tarkov Reserve map. So remember this spot, it is always active. There is one limitation of using this exit point you cannot take your backpack.

The map is highly detailed and will also help you to check out other things like Safe. The map also has round 29 keys to unlocking various rooms on Reserve. But that will be too time-consuming, you can still try finding keys in draws and on Scavs. Check out the flea market if you are unable to find keys.