Wacky Wizards: How To Make Doppelganger Potion

Here's the recipe for the Doppelganger potion in Wacky Wizards and how to find the ingredients for it.

The Doppelganger Potion in Wacky Wizards will let you turn yourself into another player’s character. If you want to know how to make this potion and how does it work, this guide will explain all of it.

How to Make Doppelganger Potion in Wacky Wizards

To make the Doppelganger Potion in Wacky Wizards on Roblox, you need two ingredients: Chameleon and You.

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Where to find Chameleon

Players can find Chameleon on a tree around the map. It’s not hard to find due to its glow and color.

How to Make the You ingredient

You need to put yourself in the Cauldron to make the You potion. For that you require the Shrink Ray potion which can be made with a Chameleon and Fairy. The Fairy should be on your table already and you can get the Chameleon on a tree.

Once you have obtained the items, brew the Shrink Ray potion and take it in your hand. Then, jump onto your Cauldron and drink this potion which will make you shrink and you will eventually fall into the Cauldron. This will add You as the ingredient and you can check if it worked by looking at the book. It will have your username which is the You ingredient.

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How does the Doppelganger Potion in Wacky Wizards work?

With that done, go ahead and make the Doppelganger Potion. Drink it and walk towards another player and get really close. You will get transformed into their character. So whatever outfit style and look they have, you will get it too. When another player comes near, your character will switch into them.

This is one of the most fun potions because you can roam around the area turning yourself into different characters. You can also make the Potion and drop the item near others so that others get this ability as well.

how does the doppelganger potion work
Your character can turn into other players’ characters with the Doppelganger Potion

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