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List Of All Potions, Recipes & Ingredients In Wacky Wizards Roblox (July 2021)

Here's a wiki list of all Potions, Recipes and Ingredients in Roblox Wacky Wizards that you can use. Find the items and brew Potions for various effects.

Collecting ingredients is an integral part of this game and there are lots of Potions you can make with them in Wacky Wizards. So today let’s look at this full list (wiki) of all Potions, Recipes, and Ingredients required in Roblox Wacky Wizards. This list includes Free and Premium Potions so keep reading till the end.


All Potions & Recipes List Wiki (Free & Premium) in Wacky Wizards

Check out all the recipes that will help you make new Potions easily. This list will include Free as well as Premium Potions. Some of these will actually give you a boost while some are just for fun. If you want to know where to find all the ingredients, know more about it in our linked guide. Also, make sure to use Ctrl+F to easily find the Potions you looking for.

wacky wizards all free premium new potion recipes

All Free Potion Recipes List (Updated with New Potions)

Potions Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3 Ingredient 4
Long Rat potion Spider Witches Brew Pool Noodle
Oink potion Pet Tags
Trunk potion Pet Tags Giant’s Ear
Creepy-crawly potion Pet Tags Spider
Lizard potion Pet Tags Chameleon
Ssssssssssssss potion Pet Tags Pool Noodle
Magical potion Pet Tags Fairy
New Zealand potion Pet Tags Jandel’s Head
New Zealand potion Pet Tags Foryxe’s Head
Noodle combo Chameleon Pool Noodle
Spaghetti Chameleon Fairy Chameleon Pool Noodle
Firey-arms Chameleon Pool Noodle Chilli
Big-arms Chameleon Pool Noodle Giant’s Ear
Neon potion Chameleon Pool Noodle Witches Brew
Bean Arms Chameleon Pool Noodle Beans
Broom Fairy Witches Brew
Fancy zombie Chameleon Robux Brain
Lanky Justin
Spiderman You Spider
Flame-rolling You Pool Noodle Chilli
Letss-gooo Chameleon Pool Noodle You
Poisoonn Rotten Sandwich Boxing Gloves
Headless Bird Brain
Punchy Boxing Gloves
Hot-Punch Boxing Gloves Chilli
Gravity-Punch Boxing Gloves Bird
Brains-Punch Boxing Gloves Brain
Kaboom Boxing Gloves Dynamite
BEANOCK Boxing Gloves Beans
Knock Punch Boxing Gloves Giant’s Ear
Speedy Giraffe Hoof
Squirting Rotten Sandwich
Noodley Pool Noodle
Tiny Fairy
Flounder Fish
Floating Bird
Explosive Dynamite
Zombie Brain
Warty Spider
Camouflage Chameleon
Giant Giant’s Ear
Hot Chilli
Beany Benas
Jandel Jandel’s Head
Foryxe Foryxe’s Head
Cleetus Cleetus’s Hat
Identity Theft You
Unresolved Size Fairy Giant’s Ear
Enlarged Head Brain Giant’s Ear
Tiny Head Brain Fairy
Tall Potion Giraffe Hoof Giant’s Ear
Shrink Ray Chameleon Fairy
Leg Day Giraffe Hoof Fairy
Wide Load Beans Giant’s Ear
Iron Pool Noodle Giant’s Ear
Long Neck Giraffe Hoof Pool Noodle
Centipede Pool Noodle Spider
Digging Pool Noodle Beans
Rocket Dynamite Bird
Bald Brain Chilli
Fire Walking Bird Chilli
Fire Breathing Rotten Sandwich Chilli
Swim Bird Fish
Mermaid Fairy Fish
Puffed Beans Fish
Octo Giraffe Hoof Spider Fish
Air Jumper Bird Giraffe Hoof
Bang Brain Giant’s Ear Dynamite
Ticking Brain Dynamite
Bouncy Giraffe Hoof Dynamite
Firework Pool Noodle Dynamite
Exploding Squirts Rotten Sandwich Dynamite
Popping Beans Dynamite
Speckled Spider Chameleon
Ragdoll Brain Rotten Sandwich
Limp Pool Noodle Rotten Sandwich
Slowing Hoof Giraffe Hoof Rotten Sandwich
Giant Squirts Giant’s Ear Rotten Sandwich
Cloning Farts Fairy Rotten Sandwich
Buirts Beans Rotten Sandwich
Invisible Brain Chameleon
Invisible Head Brain Chameleon Brain
Legged Giraffe Hoof Spider
Minions Fairy Spider
Ghostly Bird Spider
Banana Beans Giant’s Ear Giraffe Hoof Fairy
Loong Head Brains Beans
High-heel Giraffe Hoof Giant’s Ear Giraffe Hoof
Doppleganger You Chameleon
Headwards You Brain
Upside Down You Brain You
Wizard Jandel’s Head Foryxe’s Head
Heatseeking Dynamite Bird Dynamite
Sally Pool Noodle Cleetus’s Hat
Nuclear Dynamite Giant’s Ear
Levitate Bird Fairy
Skinny Giraffe Hoof Giant’s Ear Fairy
Rolling You Pool Noodle
Bouncy Giraffe Hoof Dynamite Beans
Crumbly Chameleon Beans
Robux Robux
Empyreus Robux Brain
Link Robux You
Hat-grower Robux Giant’s Ear
Buxly Robux Chameleon
Robux Robux Giraffe Hoof
Sketch Sketch
Jayingee Jayingee
Flybux Robux Bird
Poor Robux Rotten Sandwich
Square Robux Fish
Mr. Rich Cyclops Eye
Golden Robux Fairy
Premium Salad Premium Salad
Invert Witches Brew
Vomit Beans Witches Brew
Broom Fairy Witches Brew
Pumpkin Robux Witches Brew
Detacher Brain Witches Brew
Crows Bird Witches Brew
Smelling Pool Noodle Witches Brew
Truck Giant’s Ear Witches Brew
Witchy You Witches Brew
Twitchy Rotten Sandwich Witches Brew
Banging Warts Dynamite Witches Brew
Ratty Spider Witches Brew


All Premium Potion Recipes List (Updated)

Potions Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3 Ingredient 4
Melting potion Frozen Egg Witches Brew
Sus-punch potion Hat of Gears Beans Boxing Gloves
Oink mount potion Mount
Happy feet potion Pet Tags Frozen Egg
Penguin mount potion Mount Frozen Egg
Giraffe mount potion Mount Giraffe Hoof
Ssssssssssssss potion Mount Pool Noodle
Lizzzard mount potion Mount Chameleon
Spooky mount potion Mount Spider
Giant mount potion Mount Giant’s Ear
Unicorn mount potion Mount Fairy
New Zealand mount potion Mount Jandel’s Head
New Zealand mount potion Mount Foryxe’s Head
Icy-arm Chameleon Pool Noodle Frozen Egg
Frozen Frozen Egg Magic Seed
Freeze-burn Frozen Egg Chilli
Spinny legs Giraffe Hoof Hat of Gears Beans
Frozen-Hit Boxing Gloves Frozen Egg
Shocking-Hit Boxing Gloves Zeus’s Beard
Frozen Frozen Egg
God Zeus’s Beard
Rotation Hat of Gears
Leafy Magic Seed
60’s Magic Seed Fairy
Accelerating Zeus’s Beard Giraffe Hoof
Air Walk Bird Frozen Egg
Boombox Hat of Gears Zeus’s Beard
Bushy Magic Seed Chameleon
Dizzy Hat of Gears Brain
Fuse Hat of Gears Dynamite
Hard as Masgic Seed Chameleon Hat of Gears
Headdle Hat of Gears Giraffe Hoof Brain
Human Flight Zeus’s Beard Bird
Ice Frozen Egg Chameleon
Infectious Zeus’s Beard Rotten Sandwich
Jetpack Hat of Gears Bird
Saddle Hat of Gears Giraffe Hoof
Shroom Magic Seed Rotten Sandwich
Statue Chameleon Zeus’s Beard
Slip Giraffe Hoof Frozen Egg
Stumped Magic Seed Giraffe Hoof
Sus (Among Us) Hat of Gears Beans
Unlucky Zeus’s Beard Dynamite
Waterwalking Fish Frozen Egg
Rock Bender Magic Seed Zeus’s Beard
Teleportation Zeus’s Beard Fairy
Meteorite Zeus’s Beard Beans
Flying Poo Hat of Gears Bird Rotten Sandwich
Clone Army You Magic Seed
Caveman You Frozen Egg
Size Controller Fairy Giant’s Ear Zeus’s Beard
Golden Tree Robux Magic Seed
Bux Walk Robux Frozen Egg
Throbux Robux Hat of Gears
Goldify Robux Fairy Chameleon Zeus’s Beard
Death Magic Seed Witches Brew
Floating Hat of Gears Witches Brew
Vehicle Wheel
Monster Giant’s Ear Wheel
Limo Pool Noodle Wheel
Teeny Wheel Fairy Wheel
Let’s Goo Beans Wheel
Take Off Bird Wheel
Kachow Zeus’s Beard Wheel
Burning Car Chilli Wheel
Ant Spider Wheel
Rich Robux Wheel
Explodespell Zeus’s Beard Witches Brew

That’s everything there is to know about the full list of all Potions, Recipes, and Ingredients required in Roblox Wacky Wizards. For more tips and tricks, be sure to check our Wacky Wizards guides. If you want to know how to complete the Witches quest and get the Witch Brew potion, this guide will help you out. Also don’t miss out on how to get Robuxhow to get all ingredients and how to obtain Dynamite.