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15 Things To Do Daily in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Here's a daily checklist of the things to do every day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a game where there’s always something to do each day. It’s important to have a daily checklist of tasks that you can use to further your progress in this massive game. If you follow certain routines, there is a higher chance of receiving rewards, earn some bells and grow your resources.
Here is a list of all the things you can do every day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Daily Tasks Checklist of Animal Crossing: New Horizons

1. Shake some trees to get resources

Shaking trees might seem like quite a task but it can prove to be very helpful to you. As you begin shaking trees daily, you might get your hands on some rare bugs, fruits, crafting materials, furniture, bells and more. Make sure to always keep a net handy because if a wasp’s net falls down, you can catch it and protect yourself immediately. If you do, unfortunately, get stung by it – here’s how to recover from a wasp sting.

2. Talk to the villagers

Animal Crossing: New Horizons emphasizes the importance of maintaining a good relationship with your neighbors by giving you awesome rewards like Nook Miles. Live your island life to the fullest by interacting with the villagers and make sure that they stay on your island. This might even help you get more villagers to your island. If you’re lucky, they might even give you a gift!

3. Scout around your island

Another addition to your daily activity checklist can be a simple exploration of the island. If you do this every day, you have high chances of meeting new visitors! You might run into Gulliver on the beach, C.J. near water or Wisp…anywhere! Not only this, if you visit the beach, you will even come across some seashells that you can sell and message bottles with a DIY recipe. To know more about new DIY recipes, check out our guide on how to get new DIY recipes.

4. Hit the rocks

Use your shovel (or an axe) to hit all the rocks in quick succession to get some awesome rewards. Note that every time you hit a rock, you will get pushed back slightly. To avoid this, you can dig holes behind your character to ensure that it does not fall back after hitting the rock. The rewards you get from hitting rocks can be crafting materials like clay, stones, iron nuggets or even money! The money rock is a special type of rock which gives you Bells. Doing this simple daily task can give you up to 16,000 Bells every day!

5. Look for the glowing spots

Every day, you can go on a hunt for the precious golden spot in the ground which can give you a money tree! How? Just dig the glowing area and you will get 1,000 Bells from it in a sack. If you bury that sack in the ground, you can grow a Bell tree which will be worth three times of your original amount. If having a Bell tree doesn’t interest you, you can choose to do something else with that money as well.

6. Unearth some fossils

Every day, you can head out and dig up four fossils from the cracks in the ground. Use your shovel to dig them all up! You can either choose to sell them, donate them to Blathers’ Museum or keep them as a part of your very own collection. Fossils are a super simple way to make Bells in New Horizons.

7. Visit the Nook Stop at Resident Services

Nook Miles are an important reward that you get for performing different activities in your island. If you visit the Resident Services terminal daily, you will receive bonus Nook Miles. It’s a simple task to do which might get you consecutive rewards of up to 300 miles on your 7th day. Read more about what you can do at Resident Services.

8. Check out the recycling bin

While you are inside the Resident Services, take a peek at the recycling bin where various items can appear, some of which might prove to be useful to you. Pick up whatever you like and proceed with your day in your island.

9. Visit the shops

Go to every shop and see what items they are selling. They replenish their goods daily, so if you don’t want to miss out on what they are selling, you need to visit the vendors every day.

10. Sell fruits

To make a quick Bell, you can sell some fruits. If you have some fruits native to your island, they will sell for 100 bells. Have a non-native fruit with you? It will sell for much more! Even though you might get 500 Bells by selling non-native fruit, it is recommended that you bury it instead of selling right away. In about 5 days, you will have an entire tree of that fruit, giving you way more Bells than before.

11. Explore other islands

If you have the Nook Miles to do this, go ahead and explore other islands for some spectacular rewards. Doing this daily can fetch you unique stuff that you might not find on your island easily.

12. Catch bugs and fish

Be on the lookout for rare bugs (like tarantulas) and fish present all over your island that can be valuable and earn you Bells. If you keep exploring your island daily, you might find these special and unique creatures which will sell for a high amount. Equip yourself with a net and a fishing rod and begin searching! Take a look at our Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s Fish guide for all information about fish. Want a LOT of tarantulas? Then read our guide about how to get infinite tarantula.

13. Get presents

Sometimes you will notice a present attached to a balloon floating in the sky. You can shoot down these present with a slingshot. If you don’t have one, you can learn about how to craft a slingshot. Once you manage to do it, just shoot down the balloon at the right time and the present will fall down. If you shoot while the present is right above water, you won’t get it back!

14. Get turnips from Daisy Mae

Once you have unlocked Nook’s Cranny, Daisy Mae will visit you with some turnips. She only comes on Sundays from 5 am to 12 pm so it’s crucial that you find her and buy turnips from her. What you need to do is buy them at a low price and sell them at the ‘Stalk Market’ at a higher price. Check the prices that Timmy and Tommy are willing to pay for the turnips throughout the week, from Monday to Saturday. If you fail to sell them in this period, they will go bad.

15. Complete your Nook Miles+ goals

You can get started on you Nook Miles+ challenges as soon as you pay off your 5,000 Miles debt to Tom Nook. These tasks can include catching bugs, planting saplings, selling fruits and more which will earn you Miles. Since the first set of missions is worth more, you can complete it quickly.

There you have it! These are all the things you should do every day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Check out our Animal Crossing: New Horizons Wiki Guide for latest tips, tricks, guides, unlocks and lots more.