How To Earn Nook Miles In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Want to learn a lot of Miles in Animal Crossing New Horizons, here is our Nook Miles farming guide that will help you to know every activity to earn Miles.

Nook Miles or Miles are similar to achievements in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Or in simple words, the game has two currency first is Bells which are rather easy to find and second is Miles. Rewarded when you complete an activity, and there are some other ways also. You can exchange Bells for Nook Miles, but Miles are too costly. So it is necessary to use them wisely. Because getting around 5000 Miles in Animal Crossing New Horizons is not an easy job. While you can grow bells on trees. So let’s begin with our detailed how-to farm miles in Animal Crossing New Horizons along with a list of activities.

How to earn Miles in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

You can earn Miles by completing different activities in Nook Mileage Program. You can access the Nook Miles App from your phone and see the list of things you can do. Each activity has a set of Miles rewards and this is how you can earn miles in Animal Crossing New Horizons. So here is an Animal Crossing New Horizons guide that will tell you everything about Nook Miles and its associated activities.

What are Miles?

Miles is a brand new currency also called Nook Miles. It is a kind of reward program where after completing a specific activity like Catch 10 Fish and you get 300 Nook Miles. You can check all the challenges on the Nook Miles app. Nook Miles can be used as money for buying items activities. Like moving a tent from one location to another. You can use Miles to buy Nook Miles ticket, using this you can visit new places. Along with Nook Miles, you will also earn Keyword titles. You can use that to customize your passport.

What can you purchase using Miles?

Getaway package is your first debt in Animal Crossing New Horizons. You have to pay 5000 Nook miles to Tom Nook, and after clearing your loan you can use Nook Stop Terminal in Resident Services. This is the place where you can explore and expand to build your island. For example, if you want to travel to Mystery Land you will have to buy Nook Miles Ticket worth 2000 Miles.  There are are many things you can buy using Miles here are some of them.

  1. For 800 Miles you can buy Custom design pro editor that will allow you to create design patterns for clothes.
  2. By paying 3000 Miles you can unlock Pretty Good Tools recipe which will allow you to craft Fishing Rod, Net, Shovel, Watering Can and Axe.
  3. At 800 Miles you can buy a Tool Ring, that adds wheel to select tools on the UI.
  4. At 3000 Miles you can unlock 8 stylish hair colors.
  5. At 5000 Miles you can unlock the Pocket Organizztaion guide that adds one additional row in your inventory.
  6. You can also buy new clothing and furniture form Nook Inc.

You will start with a tent where you cannot add much, but after upgrading your tent from Resident Services to a building you can add furniture and items. For this, it is best to get the Ultimate Pocket Stuffing guide (8000 Nook Miles), to expand your inventory. Finally, you will also unlock the Island Designer App as you progress. This app will help you to create new paths and for each, you will pay 2,000 Miles and 6000 Miles each for Waterscaping and Cliff-Construction. That is the reason it is quite important to earn a lot of Miles in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

How to earn Miles fast in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

You can earn Miles in Animal Crossing New Horizons by doing day to day activities. Best is to check the Nook Miles app to know in detail. Also if it is your birthday you will get 2000 Miles for free, you can cheat the game by putting today’s date. You have to also check the Resident Services terminal to earn some extra Nook Miles. Just by checking Resident Services, you will be rewarded some free Nook Miles, checking every day will increase the number of per day Miles.

  • 50 Miles – 1st Day
  • 80 Miles – 2nd Day
  • 100 Miles – 3rd Day
  • 150 Miles – 4th Day
  • 200 Miles – 5th Day
  • 250 Miles – 6th Day
  • 300 Miles – 7th Day

Visit the Resident Services terminal continuously every day, after the 7th day you will start getting 300 Miles. In this way, you can make a few thousands of Miles with minimum effort. To get around 5000 Nook Miles instantly you will have to unlock Nook Miles+. This will be used to clear the Getaway Package Debt.

After this the flow of Nook Miles will be steady, you will regularly earn Miles for regular activities like catching bugs, selling weeds, etc. Focus on clearing the starting goals, and check for new activities. Along with this, you can also do a ton of activities that will reward you, Nuke Miles. To save your time below is the list of activities you can do to earn Nuke Miles.

List of Activities to get first 5000 Miles:

  • Island Name- Miles! – Get 500 Miles.
  • Angling for Perfection – Catch 10 fish to earn 300 Miles.
  • Island Togetherness – Greet everyone in the town to earn 300 Miles.
  • You’ve Got the Bug – Catch 10 bugs to earn 300 Miles.
  • Have a Nice DIY! – Collect 10 DIY recipes to earn 300 Miles.
  • Trashed Tools – Break on a tool to get 300 Miles.
  • Greedy Weeder – Selling 50 Weeds will give you 300 Miles and you can earn 500 Miles for selling 200 Weeds.
  • Island Shutterbug – This one is a one-time task, where you have to take a photo with the Camera app. You will earn 300 Miles.
  • Edit Credit – Get 300 Miles when you change your profile photo on the Passport.
  • NookPhone Life – Use different NookPhone apps and you will earn 300 Miles.
  • First-Time Buyer – Buy an item from Timmy and earn 300 Miles.
  • Seller of Unwanted Stuff – Sell an item to Timmy to earn 300 Miles.
  • Bulletin-Board Benefit – Write a message on the Bulletin Board and 300 Miles will be added to your account.
  • First Custom Design! – Use the Custom Designs app to earn 500 Miles.

Keep on checking all the activities and their associated task. You will earn a decent amount of Miles in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Throughout the game there are tons of tasks you can complete and each will reward you some Miles. Collect them and use them for upgrades. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks on Animal Crossing New Horizons.

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