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Elden Ring Connection Error Fix – Online Not Working

Is online mode not working and can't summon other players? Here's what you can do about the Elden Ring Connection Error.

One of the unfortunate issues that players are facing in Elden Ring is the dreaded Connection Error. Since the bosses can be hard to beat, you might just want to summon a friend or a stranger to help you in combat but it won’t be possible until this error keeps coming up. This might even come up while you are playing and suddenly a player gets kicked. Here’s what you need to check during such a situation.

How to Fix Connection Error in Elden Ring?


elden ring online not working

If online mode is not working in Elden Ring and you are getting a Connection Error, here’s everything you need to check:

Are Elden Ring Servers Down?


Here’s how to check Elden Ring’s current server status. Due to the huge popularity of the game, the servers could be overloaded which is why many errors have cropped up related to multiplayer. If your friends are also not able to play together, wait for a while and check again.

Update your Graphics Card Drivers

To ensure the best possible performance, update your graphics card drivers to the latest version. This will not only potentially fix the stuttering and FPS drop issues in the game, but if there’s something from your end that’s causing the connection error, it might get resolved as well. Also,


Use a VPN

Download a trusted VPN, turn it on and launch Elden Ring. This could possibly prevent the Connection Error message, but it is not guaranteed. What the VPN will do is change your location and IP address. Make sure to pick a good VPN, as many of them reduce your bandwidth exponentially. This may affect you during Co-op and PvP gameplay.

Check your Internet Connection


To play Elden Ring online, you need a stable (and preferably fast) internet connection, because even if the game lags for a section, the enemy might get the killing shot on your character. Reset your router and if possible, use a wired ethernet connection for the best possible experience.

Disable Antivirus and Firewall Temporarily

Often, the cause of connection issues between your PC and the game is your antivirus or firewall that’s blocking it. Temporarily disable both of these and then launch Elden Ring to see if it works.

If all else fails, play Elden Ring offline until the developers fix this issue in an upcoming patch. And if you are curious to know how to refund Elden Ring on Steam, here are the steps to do so.  In case you also encounter the Frame Rate Unsuitable for Online PlayNetwork Status Check Failed, and Controller not working issues, be sure to check out our guides.