Elden Ring Servers Down? Check Server Status Today

Here's how to check if Elden Ring Servers are down right now or not.

Although you can play Elden Ring offline because it is primarily a single-player title, if you’re playing multiplayer online with friends, killing bosses can be much more fun. But if the Elden Ring servers are down at any moment, you won’t be able to summon players into your world and play together. How to check today’s Elden Ring server status?

Elden Ring Servers Down Right Now? How to Check Server Status Today

elden ring multiplayer server status

There are a few ways to check if Elden Ring servers are down right now or not.

  • Check the official Elden Ring Twitter account.
  • Head over to Reddit and Twitter to see what the community is talking about related to the downtime.
  • Check if Steam is down at the moment.
  • If you are playing on consoles, find out if Xbox Live andPlayStation Network are down.

Your best bet is the official Twitter account where they will mention about upcoming maintenance periods or any unexpected outages. Follow @ELDENRING and hit the notification button to get the latest and to-the-minute updates.

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Apart from this, scouring the r/EldenRing subreddit and Twitter search is how you can find out if the server connection issues are widespread or only from your end. In such scenarios, all players can do is wait until it is resolved from the side of the developers. You can still play solo offline and if you do so, you won’t get invaded.

Another occurrence that could happen is that the platform you are playing Elden Ring on is down. Here’s how to check if Steam is down. And head over to the links for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network to know the current server status.

That’s how to check the Elden Ring server status and if its down right now. For more tips for Elden Ring, be sure to check out our dedicated category. You’ll find quite a bit of multiplayer-related guides there, including how to use multiplayer items.