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How To Refund Elden Ring On Steam (PC)

Follow these steps to request a refund for Elden Ring on Steam.

There could be two main reasons why you might want to refund Elden Ring on Steam. You are not a Souls player and bought this game to try it out and see why it’s getting glowing reviews. But unfortunately, it is too challenging for your liking. Another reason could be the number of performance-related issues and errors you are facing and prefer to get your money back. If you’ve made up your mind, here’s how to refund Elden Ring on PC.

How to Refund Elden Ring on Steam (PC)


how to refund elden ring steam

There are a few conditions you need to fulfill before you decide to request a refund for Elden Ring on PC.

  • You should have played the game for less than two hours.
  • Also, you are eligible for a refund only if you are requesting it within 14 days of purchase.
  • If you are banned by VAC (Valve Anti Cheat System), you lose the right to refund that game.


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Here’s how to request and get a refund for Elden Ring:

  • Launch the Steam client and open up your game library.


steam refund policy

  • Find Elden Ring and click on the Support tab. 
  • This will open up the Steam Support Page.
  • Under What Problem Are You Having With This Product? Select a relevant option which is ‘It’s not what I expected.’
  • Now, choose I’d like to Request a Refund.
  • If you are eligible for one, you will see the Request a Refund page.
  • Tell Steam why you want a refund by selecting one of the reasons. It could be The game is too difficult, My computer doesn’t meet the System Requirements, It’s not fun or whichever option is most relevant to you.
  • After sending in the request, choose how you want the refund.
  • And that’s all the steps you need to follow. Steam will then add the amount back to your account after some time.
  • If it doesn’t show up even after 24+ hours, contact Steam Support for further assistance.

In case you were thinking of getting a refund due to performance issues, here’s what From Software has posted about the ones that are being widely talked about:


  • Mouse being too sensitive in the PC version.
  • Easy Anti-Cheat failing to launch when the Steam account name includes a multi-byte character (e.g., kanji).
  • Phenomenon of frame rate and other performance-related issues during gameplay.

All of these issues will be addressed and fixed in an upcoming patch. Specifically for the performance issues, the devs recommend updating your graphics card drivers to the latest version.

If you are willing to wait until the devs fix up the issues, be sure to check out our tips on how to beat bosses, use various in-game features and more in our Elden Ring guides.