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Trials of Mana Remake Classes Guide

Know all about Classes in Trials of Mana Remake

Trials of Mana Remake is a Japanese RPG game with a lot of interesting elements. One of the best things about this game is just the level of replayability it offers, primarily because of its classes and choice of characters. The characters you pick decide your progression, the main villain you encounter and the story you experience. In this guide, we will show you how the Classes in Trials of Mana Remake function.

Classes in Trials of Mana Remake

There are six main characters in the game – Duran, Angela, Kevin, Charlotte, Hawkeye and Riesz. When you start off, you will be at Tier 1. These Tier 1 Classes are shown below:

  • Duran – Warrior
  • Angela – Magician
  • Kevin – Grappler
  • Charlotte – Cleric
  • Hawkeye – Thief
  • Riesz – Amazon

To move to Tier 2 classes, you will need to be at level 18 and a Mana stone. At this point, you can choose between Light and Dark paths to decide your progression. Keep playing and reach level 38. Now, you have a chance to upgrade to Tier 3 Classes but you need a class change item in this case. For further reading, check out our guide on how to change classes and get class change items.

List of Classes in Trials of Mana Remake

Let’s take a look at which classes you can choose from.

Duran Class List

Tier 2 Classes

  • Knight (Light) : Gets a spell for healing and some defense boosts especially in shields.
  • Gladiator (Dark) : No shields here, but instead Duran gets elemental spells and even greater power to deal damage.

Tier 3 Classes

  • Liege (Light/Dark) : This class offers a good balance of attack as well as defense. Duran also gains healing magic here which will benefit the team.
  • Paladin (Light/Light) : This class is mainly defensive and Duran also gets a light elemental buff.
  • Duelist (Dark/Dark): In this strong fighting class, Duran will gain high attack power along with a dark elemental buff.
  • Edelfrei (Dark/Light): Excellent fighting class where Duran learns elemental buffs.

Angela Class List

Tier 2 Classes

  • Sorceress (Light): More elemental spells are made available.
  • Mysticist (Dark): An upgraded Dark elemental spell is learned.

Tier 3 Classes

  • Grand Diviner (Light/Light): Learns the Doppelganger spell and several upgraded elemental spells.
  • Archmage (Light/Dark): Learns the Glitter Dust spell and many upgraded elemental spells.
  • Rune Seer (Dark/Light): Angela learns status effect spells as well as a powerful spell that can cause instant death of an enemy.
  • Magus (Dark/Dark): High damage causing class where magic attacks reign supreme. She also learns all elemental spells and upgrades a dark spell.

Kevin Class List

Tier 2 Classes

  • Monk (Light): Kevin learns healing in this class.
  • Brawler (Dark): This class is more about high attack strength and damage dealing.

Tier 3 Classes

  • Divine Fist (Light/Light): Kevin can use Class Strikes to give significant damage to enemies.
  • Warrior Monk (Light/Dark): Gains magic, healing, attack and defense powers which makes it a well-balanced class for Kevin.
  • Enlightened (Dark/Light): In this class, Kevin can steal HP from enemies and use it to his advantage. Also gains magic.
  • Fatal Fist (Dark/Dark): Kevin gains a higher chance of landing critical hits.

Charlotte Class List

Tier 2 Classes

  • Priestess (Light): More focused on magic attacks, buff and healing.
  • Enchantress (Dark): More focused on dealing damage.

Tier 3 Classes

  • High Cleric (Light/Light): Has the highest healing powers and learns some spells and buffs.
  • Sage (Light/Dark): The entire team can benefit from her upgrades of Priestess Spells.
  • Necromancer (Dark/Light): Charlotte will learn new summons, buffs and debuffs.
  • Warlock (Dark/Dark): In this class, Charlotte will balance healing and attacks by including summons, spells and a breath attack.

Hawkeye Class List

Tier 2 Classes

  • Ranger (Light): This class is best to trick enemies using traps and magic.
  • Ninja (Dark): This class is all about debuffing. Hawkeye uses moves that will wear out the enemies.

Tier 3 Classes

  • Nomad (Light/Light): Hawkeye learns support magic that will help the party survive and win.
  • Rogue (Light/Dark): This class will provide Hawkeye versatility in spells giving him the power to deal good damage.
  • Ninja Master (Dark/Light): Advanced version of Ninja which is capable of dealing massive damage.
  • Nightblade (Dark/Dark): Learns single-target attacks which can silence and debuff enemies.

Riesz Class List

Tier 2 Classes

  • Valkyrie (Light): This class is more about defense and buffing the party members.
  • Rune Maiden (Dark): Riesz attacks while using debuffs on solo enemies.

Tier 3 Classes

  • Dragon Master (Dark/Light): Learns a powerful dark class summon, debuffs solo enemies.
  • Fenrir Knight (Dark/Dark): Debuffs multiple opponents and also learns a summon.
  • Starlancer (Light/Dark): Learns a summon and can help the team with buffs.
  • Vanadis (Light/Light): Learns a light class summoning spell. This makes for a good support class.

There are also some post-game Tier 4 classes. We have a guide on how to unlock Tier 4 classes in Trials of Mana that you can read for more detailed information.

So this is everything that can give you an idea about the Classes in Trials of Mana which will help you make your choices. Be sure to find out which are the best classes, best party combinations and more useful tips and tricks for this game.