How to Change Classes in Trials of Mana Remake?

Time for greater abilities!

In Trials of Mana, there are 4 Tiers of Classes where your characters keep learning newer things and becoming stronger versions of themselves. When you start the game, your playable characters will already have the Tier 1 Class. After that, characters have to fulfill certain conditions to increase the Class Tiers. In this guide, we will show you how to change class in Trials of Mana Remake.

How to Switch Class in Trials of Mana Remake

  • When characters reach level 18, Tier 2 Classes will be unlocked.
  • At level 38 or higher, characters can reach Tier 3 on the condition that they have the class change item with them.
  • And lastly, Tier 4 will be unlocked post the main story. When the post-game is activated after you go to the Valsena Royal library, players must defeat the boss and get their hands on the class change item. These bosses will differ for every character and the item drops will differ too.

During class change, players will get a choice between Light and Dark classes. What’s the difference between the two, you ask? Well, the Light Class path will improve your character’s buff and healing abilities. The Dark path, on the other hand, enhances your debuff and attacks.

In order to change class, you need to first get your hands on the Mana Stone in the story. If you are at level 18 and you find the Mana Stone, you can switch the class. This is considerably easier to do than the second class switch which involves a class change item as well as minimum level 38.

How to acquire a Class Change item?

To get Class Change items, you need item seeds which you can plant in pots at any inn. You will get a random class change item this way, but it will always be an item suitable for your chosen characters.

How to Reset Class?

If you want to reset class of characters, you can read our Trials of Mana Class Resetting Guide.  But if you don’t want to switch back to your original class and only want to reset the training points, you need to visit the Phony Fortune-teller. You will find him in Merchant Town Beiser.

So this is how to change class in Trials of Mana Remake. Be sure to check out our other Trials of Mana guides too.