Class Change Items Guide – Trials of Mana Remake

Know all about these rare items

Class change items are very rare and useful items in Trials of Mana Remake because they help you to change classes and thereby unlock new abilities, powers and costumes. In this guide, you will know where to find class change items and the list of items for characters as well.

How to Get Class Change Items?

You can get your hands on them by taking out high-level enemies and through item seeds. In case of item seeds, basically what you need to do is plant them in magic pots which will yield class change items. You can find these item seeds in treasure chests located in dungeons as well as Queeneebs and some enemies. Get more in-depth information about this in our guides on how to switch classes and how to farm item seeds.

Remember that in order to switch to Tier 2, you only need the Mana stone but to switch to Tier 3 and Tier 4, you need class change items. For the Tier 4 items you must defeat some post-game bosses based on your character.

  • Duran needs to defeat Gold Knight Loki
  • Kevin must beat Beastman King
  • Hawkeye must take down Mimic Queen
  • Angela should beat Angela the Boss
  • Riesz should beat Empress Bee
  • Charlotte should defeat Revenant

Class Change Items List According To Characters

Every playable character has their own specific class change item. Here’s a list of those:

Angela (Classes of Tier 3)

  • Grand Diviner: Arcana Book
  • Archmage: Esotera Book
  • Rune Seer: Rune Book
  • Magus: Omen Book

Angela (Classes of Tier 4)

  • Mystic Queen: Sage Sphere
  • Spellbinder: Sage Sphere

Duran (Classes of Tier 3)

  • Paladin: Knight Tag
  • Liege: Prince Tag
  • Edelfrei: Battler Tag
  • Duelist: Duelist Tag

Duran (Classes of Tier 4)

  • Divine Hero: Valor Sphere
  • Berserker: Valor Sphere

Kevin (Classes of Tier 3)

  • Divine Fist: Gold Aura
  • Warrior Monk: Silver Aura
  • Enlightened: Mage Aura
  • Fatal Fist: Death Aura

Kevin (Classes of Tier 4)

  • Beast King: Instinct Sphere
  • Annihilator: Instinct Sphere

Hawkeye (Classes of Tier 3)

  • Nomad: Lucky Dice
  • Rogue: Destiny Dice
  • Ninja Master: Precise Dice
  • Nightblade: Dusk Dice

Hawkeye (Classes of Tier 4)

  • Wardenkeep: Loyal Shere
  • Vigilante: Loyal Sphere

Charlotte (Classes of Tier 3)

  • High Cleric: Holy Bottle
  • Sage: Salt Bottle
  • Warlock: Curse Bottle
  • Necromancer: Ash Bottle

Charlotte (Classes of Tier 4)

  • High Priestess: Hope Sphere
  • Chaosbringer: Hope Sphere

Riesz (Classes of Tier 3)

  • Vanadis: Brisingamen
  • Starlancer: Evening Star
  • Fenrir Knight: Gleipnir
  • Dragon Master: Dragoon Band

Riesz (Classes of Tier 4)

  • Meteorite: Kind Sphere
  • Brynhildr: Kind Sphere

As soon as you get these, you can check the boosts it will give you which can help you decide if you want to use it or not. Make sure to bookmark this page to keep an eye on which item you might need in the game.