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Trials Of Mana Remake Best Party Combination – The Best Team

Tips on best teams

Trials Of Mana Remake has multiple characters, each features unique abilities and power. In a Party Setup you will need to pick the best characters to give you max power in the battle. For example a few sets of characters are good in a boss fight while some are all-rounders. In this Trials of Mana Remake guide you will learn tips on how to get the best party setups. Which characters are best against bosses or in overall combat.

Best Party Setups In Trials of Mana Remake – Team Building Guide

Finding a perfect team in Trials of Mana Remake is tough, based on various characters, and their abilities if you are confused about which characters suit well in a single team then this guide is for you. Here you can find tips on the team that is best against boss fights, team ideal for beginner, and a team that can deliver the highest elemental damage. So let’s begin.

For max physical damage put Kevin of Fatal Fist Class, Hawkeye of Nightblade class, and Riesz of Starlancer class into one single team. You get more power here in dealing with bosses also the team brings a mixture of high damage and fast recovery. Kevin act as a strong attacker causing max damage and Hawkeye brings a decent crowd control strength. Riesz adds buffs for fast recovery of speed, power, and defense. So a combination of these three characters are best if you are looking for a team with high damage.

To build a team overall best for beginners include Riesz of Starlancer class, Hawkeye of Nightblade class, and Charlotte of Sage class together. As a beginner you will get decent support in terms of Attack, Buffs, and Healing. Riesz is will bring attack and buff to the team offering decent long-range attacks and balanced stats. Hawkeye will maximize the chance of drop rate and good for inflicting debuffs. Charlotte is a healer which will increase the team’s chance of survival.

Looking for more elemental damage then Duran of Edelfrei class, Kevin of Fatal Fist class and Charlotte of Necromancer class is the finest one to build a team. Duran brings physical damage and Elemental saber buffs, Kevin is a good attacker and Charlotte is ideal for debuffs.

So here with the right set of character combinations you can build a strong team to deal with various types of enemies in Trials of Mana Remake.