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Trials of Mana Remake Best Class by Damage Ranking

Here are heroes with max strength

Trials of Mana Remake has ample of cool heroes to pick, but some of them are best in terms of Damage Ranking. In this Trials of Mana Remake Heroes guide, I will share a small list of top heroes, their class, and why they are good in terms of Damage. With higher damage, it is easier for you to take down stronger enemies in the game. Focusing mostly on the damage-dealing attributes, these heroes proved to be the best in the game. But you can also work on investing the Training Points on the right attributes to upgrade your character. You will have to focus on one among the five major character stats in Trials of Mana Remake.

Which are the best classes in Trials of Mana Remake?


Based on damage here is a list of top 5 classes in Trails of Mana Remake. Each of these heroes has a different way of attack. Depending on your gameplay you can pick one and focus on upgrading their attribute. For example, Vigilante is best when it comes to high damage. She can also exploit enemies’ weaknesses and take down enemies in a single attack using heavy attacks.

  1. Annihilator
  2. Berserker
  3. Mystic Queen
  4. Spellbinder
  5. Vigilante

If you love using magic then stick with Mystic Queen. With different elemental magic, she is strong enough to deal with bosses. Her powers are also best for crowd control. Spellbinder is best for non-elemental magic damage and can be good enough if you are not that into magic.


Berserker similar to Vigilante can increase damage by learning about enemies’ weakness and Annihilator is best to cast physical damage. He is the best all-rounder class in Trials of Mana Remake if you are finding someone with good physical damage, heavy attacks, and an array of offensive attributes. So here are some of the best heroes in Trials of Mana Remake. You can focus on anyone you will like to upgrade and unlock more abilities.