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Can I Change Traits In Starfield? (Remove Traits)

Wondering if you can change the traits? Check out this guide to know whether or not you can do so in Starfield.

Players can add inherent Traits to their characters in Starfield but with each of them having different abilities and the fact that you can only choose three, one might wonder if they can be changed later on. There are 17 different Traits available all with their unique buffs and advantages in the game. Along with buffs, each perk has a disadvantage that will affect some of your character’s abilities to some extent. Everything considered even after picking your choice at the start, you might feel the need to change them midway given a specific situation. So does the game give you the option to respec your trait at any moment through your playthrough? Here is a guide explaining whether or not you can do so as you progress in Starfield.

Can you Change the Traits in Starfield?

can i change traits in starfield

Unfortunately, players won’t be able to change their specific Traits midway while going through their campaign in Starfield. This makes adding the traits while character creation even more crucial in the game. Players will have to think through and select the best traits from the list available. This means that players are stuck with the three they selected and their buffs and disadvantages. We would recommend you choose the traits according to your playstyle. This way you will be able to use them with maximum efficiency. Once you get through enough playthroughs and get the hang you might even forget they are there.

With all being said, if you want to get rid of a trait you can always remove it in Starfield. Doing so will permanently remove the trait and its buffs and abilities from your character. One of the workaround for PC users would be to replace & change them with new traits, with the help of the Console Commands in Starfield. However, it is worth noting that these will disable all the achievements in the game. We would recommend using the option as a last resort when you are at the last straw with a trait.

How to Remove Traits

As mentioned earlier, you won’t be able to change traits but to remove them, you will have to visit specific NPCs or facilities in Starfield. Here are all the methods you will have to follow to remove specific Traits:

  • Alien DNA: Visit Reliant Medical and pay 10000 Credits to the doctor.
  • Neon Street Rat: Interact with Madam Sauvage in Ebbside on Neon.
  • Freestar Collective Settler: Interact with Elias Cartwright in Akila City.
  • United Colonies Native: Interact with Administrator Rookes.
  • Taskmaster: Interact with Andy Singh in the House Of Enlightened, The Well.
  • Hero Worshipped: Interact with the adoring fan and talk to him about the fandom accordingly.
  • Raised Enlightened: Interact with Andy Singh in the House Of Enlightened, The Well.
  • Raised Universal: Interact with Keeper Aquilis in the Sanctum.
  • Serpent’s Embrace: Interact with Mir’za in the UC Security office.
  • Wanted: Interact with any Tracker Alliance Agents.
  • Spaced: Visit Reliant Medical and pay 10,000 Credits to the doctor.
  • Terra Firma: Visit Reliant Medical and pay 10000 Credits to the doctor.
  • Dream Home: Visit Galbank and foreclose the home.
  • Introvert: Interact with the head of the House Of Enlightened.
  • Extrovert: Interact with the head of the House Of Enlightened.
  • Empath: Visit Reliant Medical and have surgery.
  • Kid Stuff: Interact with your parents in New Atlantis.

That’s everything covered on whether or not you can change traits in Starfield. Explore more guides on the space action adventure in our dedicated Starfield section. We would recommend you start by checking build armillary, weapon list, and where to find Paradiso guides, right here on Gamer Tweak.