Palworld: How To Breed Faleris

Looking to get one of the best Fire-type flying mounts? Here’s everything you need to know in order to breed Faleris in Palworld.

In Palworld, apart from crafting various objects and building your base, you will mainly have to focus on collecting Pals. These creatures are extremely resourceful and will help you while completing all kinds of tasks around the base, during combat and will help you defend the base during raids as well.

That being said, sometimes capturing these Pals in the wild can become quite complicated. Similarly, if you are wondering how you can breed Faleris, here’s everything you need to know to get this fiery phoenix that is known for its fire-based attacks and flying abilities.

How to Breed Faleris in Palworld

How To Breed Faleris In Palworld
Faleris is known for its flying abilities and fire-based attacks in Palworld

The process of breeding the fiery Faleris Pal can be challenging as both of the parent Pals are also rare creatures. However, before you begin breeding, make sure you have all these items with you – Breeding Farm, Egg Incubator, and the resources required for crafting a Cake. To breed Faleris, you will need to capture an Anubis and a Vanwyrm Pal. Here’s how you can get both of these Pals in Palworld.

How to Get Anubis in Palworld

The best way to get an Anubis Pal is through breeding, as this exotic creature is difficult to find and capture. As a result, you can breed this Pal by pairing a male and female of the following creatures –

Once you have placed any of these pairs in a Breeding Farm, you will receive a Huge Rocky Egg. After the Egg has hatched, you will get the rare Anubis Pal.

Where to Find Vanwyrm in Palworld

You can easily find a Vanwyrm Pal in the southwestern part of the map, specifically in the Mount Obsidian region. Since this area will be extremely hot, make sure you have equipped all the necessary resources to keep you cool, especially the Heat Resistant Undershirt. Once you locate a male or female Vanwyrm, lower its health and capture it using your Pal Sphere.

Now that you have both of the Parent Pals (one male and one female), you can start the breeding process by placing both of these creatures in the Breeding Farm. Additionally, don’t forget to give them Cake. You will soon receive a Huge Scorching Egg. Put the Egg into the Egg Incubator and once hatched, you will get your very own Faleris Pal.

This is everything you need to know in order to breed Faleris in Palworld. If you want to learn more about this open-world survival game, don’t forget to browse through our list of the best Pal breeding combos and learn how you can ride your Pals, all available here on Gamer Tweak.