How To Ride Your Pal In Palworld – Best Mounts

Not sure how to Ride your Pal in Palworld? Check out here to learn how you can easily Mount and Ride them.

The Palpagos Island in Palworld is pretty big and certainly not made for a pedestrian. There’s a lot to explore and trust me, you would not want to find that out by simply walking. But that doesn’t mean you should restrict yourself to a particular region. Instead, I will suggest you catch a Mount and ride it to your destination. Luckily, some Pals can be ridden on the Ground, in the Water, and in the Air. However, you will have to unlock the ability to ride them first.

To help you with that, I will explain to you how you can unlock and ride Pals in Palworld. So, let’s get started.

Here’s How To Ride Pals in Palworld

To Ride a Pal in Palworld, the first thing you are supposed to do is find a rideable Pal. You can find them wandering through the woods, in the sky, or swimming in the water. Their location is completely random. Once you have found a rideable Pal, you will need a Saddle to Mount them in Palworld. Each Pal has its own Saddle which unlocks on different levels of the Technology tree.

How To Ride Pals in Palworld

For instance, Rushoar is the first Rideable Pal you can get in your playthrough. To be able to ride this Pal, you will have to craft a Rushoar Saddle which unlocks when you reach Technology Level 6.

Note: The Saddle in the Technology tree will only become available if you have caught the Pal associated with it. Otherwise, it will show a “?” on the place of the Saddle. If you reached Technology Level 6 and still can’t see the Rushoar Saddle then that is because you haven’t caught the Rushoar Pal yet.

How To Ride Pals in Palworld

After you have unlocked a Saddle, you will need a Pal Gear Workbench to craft it. A Pal Gear Workbench is unlocked once you have reached Technology Level 6. You will x10 Paladium Fragments, x30 Wood, and x2 Cloth to craft this workbench. Once built, interact with it and craft the Saddle you have unlocked in the Technology tree.

How to Unlocking Pal Riding in Palworld

Now that you have crafted and collected the Saddle, summon your Pal and stand close to it. You will get a prompt to ride that Pal in Palworld. That’s it, you can mount and ride your Pal. Also, in the table below, we have mentioned at what Technology level you unlock a Saddle. So you can refer to it whenever you want.

Pal (Mount)Traveling TypeTechnology (Unlock Level)
RushoarGround Rushoar Saddle (Level 6)
MelpacaGround Melpaca Saddle (Level 7)
Celaray Swim Celeray’s Gloves (Level 7)
DirehowlGroundDirehowl’s Saddled Harness (Level 9)
Surfent Swim Surfent Saddle (Level 10) 
Eikthyrdeer GroundEikthyrdeer Saddle (Level 12)
Grintale Ground Grintale Saddle (Level 13)
ChilletSwim Chillet Saddle (Level 13)
Sweepa Ground Sweepa Saddle (Level 14)
Univolt GroundUnivolt Saddle (Level 14)
Nitewing Flying Nitewing Saddle (Level 15)
Arsox Ground Arsox Saddle (Level 16)
BroncherryGroundBroncherry Saddle (Level 20)
Vanwyrm FlyingVanwyrm Saddle (Level 21)
Elphidran Flying Elphidran Saddle (Level 21)
KingpacaGroundKingpaca Saddle (Level 22)
Maraith FlyingMaraith Saddle (Level 23)
Aquadon SwimAquadon Terra Saddle (Level 24)
TerraSwimAzurobe Saddle (Level 24)
AzurobeGroundEikthyrdeer Terra Saddle (Level 25)
Eikthyrdeer TerraGroundFenglope Saddle (Level 26)
Fenglope GroundRayhound Saddle (Level 26) 
Rayhound GroundWater Broncherry Saddle (27) 
Water BroncherryGroundMammorest Saddle (Level 28) 
MammorestGround Dinossum Lux Saddle (Level 29) 
Dinossum LuxGroundReindrix Saddle (Level 29)
ReindrixFlying Pyrin Saddle (Level 30)
Pyrin ReptyroGround Reptyro Saddle (Level 31)
BlazehowlGroundBlazehowl Saddle (Level 32)
HelzephyrFlyingHelzephyr Saddle (Level 33)
Dark PyrinFlyingDark Pyrin Saddle (Level 33)
BeakonFlyingBeakon Saddle (Level 34)
Dark KingfernoSwimDark Kingferno Saddle (Level 35) 
Quivern FlyingQuiver Saddle (Level 36) 
Ragnahawk Flying Ragnahawk Saddle (Level 37) 
Ice ReptyroGroundIce Reptyro Saddle (Level 37) 
Blazamut Ground Blazamut Saddle (Level 38) 
JormuntideSwim Jormuntide Saddle (Level 39) 
Suzaku Flying Suzaku Saddle (Level 40)
Vanwyrm CrystFlyingVanwyrm Cryst Saddle (Level 41) 
Ice Kingpaca GroundIce Kingpaca Saddle (Level 42) 
Water Suzaku Flying Water Suzaku Saddle (Level 43) 
Jormuntide Ignis SwimJormuntide Ignis Saddle (Level 43)
Wumpo GroundWumpo Saddle (Level 44)
Wumpo Botan GroundWumpo Botan Saddle (Level 45) 
Mammorest Cryst GroundMammorest Cryst Saddle (Level 45)
AstegonFlyingAstegon Saddle (Level 47) 
ShadowbeakFlying Shadowbeak Saddle (Level 47)
FrostallionGroundFrostallion Saddle (Level 48)

With that said, you now know how to ride a Pal in Palworld. But don’t make a favorite, as neglecting your other Pals can make them Depressed. So be sure to take care of them every once in a while.