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Best Sports Games For Nintendo Switch (2022)

This article focuses on the best sports, racing, and fighting games available for purchase on the Nintendo Switch, in 2022.

Nintendo Switch is an all-rounder when it comes to gaming. Not only does it look good in your living room but also goes with you wherever you wish to take it. While that portability is great, it doesn’t stop there as the Switch comes with a sleuth of games you can enjoy with your friends and family. And what other genre is better with friends than the ones that involve racing, fighting, or sports stuff? Let’s take a quick look at some of the best racing, fighting, and sports games that you can get for your Nintendo Switch in 2022!

Best Nintendo Switch Sports Games


Here is the list of the best sports games for the Switch console. Enjoy golfing, dodgeball, fighting, car football, and more.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Switch Super Smash Bros


Other than Mario and Zelda, if there’s one game that defines the Nintendo platform, it is Super Smash Bros. No Nintendo list is complete without it and this brawler is fun, addictive, and easy to pick and play. The roster consists of characters from all of the Nintendo-owned franchises with some guest appearances from here and there and the game itself is one of the most polished and well made in all of gaming. You can play this solo or with your friends. And no matter if you are on the go or in front of your television, Super Smash Bros is always a good time.

Knockout City

Switch Knockout City


Knockout City came out of nowhere and stirred up quite a storm and left a mark. This 3v3, highly competitive dodgeball fiesta is fun and very very accessible. You can start playing the game without a lick of knowledge of Dodgeball and the next thing you know, you’ll be knocking other players out left and right. For anyone who enjoys sports games or competitive games, Knockout City is a must-play. It’s arcadey, colorful, and very much worth your time.

Dodgeball Academia

Switch Dodgeball Academia


If you are in the mood for Dodgeball and don’t like getting super-duper competitive then Dodgeball Academia is a perfect substitute for Knockout City. This game is cute, colorful, quirky, and very broad. Dodgeball Academia is much smaller in scale compared to Knockout City but is equally fun and addictive. Whether you are a fan of Dodgeball or not, this indie darling should be on your radar.

Mario Golf: Super Rush

Switch Mario Golf

“It’s me! Mario!” What is it that this Italian plumber can’t do? It’s golf but with Mario! Does it need any more description? Mario has seen a fair share of spin-off games ever since his platforming days and each and every single one of those games is fun and comes with a lot of depth. Mario Gold: Super Rush is no different as Mario here can do whatever a major league golf player can. The game is colorful and extremely addictive for players of all types and is worth checking for all Nintendo/Mario fans.

Mario Kart

Switch Mario Kart

Continuing on the Mario train, Mario Kart is a game that needs no introduction. This cart racer can break friendships as players race across circuits as Mario, his friends, and other Nintendo characters and bring suffering for other players/ their friends by using crazy pick-ups and laying sinister traps. Irrespective of you are a racing fan or not, if you are a Nintendo Switch owner and have some friends then Mario Kart is the one game that shouldn’t be skipped.

Rocket League

Switch Rocket League Best Nintendo Switch Sports Games

Speaking of cars, you must have heard of Rocket League at this point? If the answer is yes, then why did you stop there? Go and play it! It’s a free-to-play soccer game where you don’t control human players, but you control cars! Yes! You heard that right! Rocket League is soccer with cars! The game comes with a lot of customization options and a lot of licensed and original cars you can choose from, the music is awesome and it’s always a good time. Rocket League requires skill but then again if you keep playing, there’s no way you won’t master it!

Hot Wheels Unleashed

Switch Hot Wheels Best Nintendo Switch Sports Games

I grew up with Hot Wheels and to see Hot Wheels get an amazing game makes me all nostalgic and brings a tear to my eye. Hot Wheels unleashed is beautiful and hella fun. It takes all the best parts and memories of Hot Wheels we have from when we were kids and turns our imagination of those cars racing at light speeds on gravity-defying tracks a reality. The developers truly poured their hearts and soul into making this game as authentic and true to form as it can be and with it being available on Switch? The action follows wherever you go.

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered

Switch NFS Hot Pursuit

Race at crazy high speeds and get chased by cops in this classic NFS game which has been remastered for the current generation. Hot Pursuit is one of the best series Need for Speed has produced and the remastered version stays true to the original but upgrades the graphics so the game looks even more pretty. If you like fast cars and crazy police chases then it’s well worth playing if you ask me.

Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions

Switch Big Rumble Boxing Best Nintendo Switch Sports Games

While we don’t have any new Fight Night games, Big Rumble Boxing is a close second. Creed Champions, as the name suggests takes characters from the Creed and by extension, Rocky franchises and pits those fighters against each other. The boxing is fun, the graphics are beautiful and the competition is high for this one! You can play this solo but the best part for me is that you get to 1v1 and beat your annoying friends in this game!


Best Nintendo Switch Sports Games

We started this list with Super Smash Bros and we are gonna end it on something similar. Brawlhalla is a free-to-play platform brawler, just like Super Smash Bros, and is made by Ubisoft for everyone to enjoy. It has a huge roster of characters from all over the place and has in-depth combat which is always appreciated. It’s colorful, vibrant, and funny and is a great substitute for Super Smash Bros. For the fans of this genre, Brawlhalla is a must-play in every sense of the word.

There you go, some of the best sports, racing, and fighting games are available for your Nintendo Switch right now. I left the usual suspects like FIFA, NBA, and Mario Party aside but you already know about them.

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