Starfield Skills Tier List & Every Best Perk To Unlock

Here's our best Starfield Skills tier list ranking every Skill Tree perk from best to worst.

If you want the best Starfield Skills tier list, it’s alright as unlocking all 82 skills from the tree can be a hassle. These skills offer versatile playthroughs with categories ranging from Combat to Social-related perks. With a handful of starting skills, these perks dominate your progression and early playstyle. You can spend your skill points by either unlocking new skills or upgrading current skills. But what best perks should you invest your skill points in? Here’s where you can find the best skills ranking every skill tree perk from best to worst.

Best Starfield Skills Tier List – Every Skill Tree Perk Ranked

Starfield Best Skills Tier List

You can unlock 82 unique skills with four proficiency ranks by investing your skill points during your playthrough. So, check out our best Starfield skills tier list ranking every perk according to the skill tree from best to worst:

The Best Physical Skills in Starfield

  • Fitness: In space, the greatest community commodity is oxygen, and the increased lung capacity gained by a regular physical fitness regimen is essential to survival.
  • Weight Lifting: Weight training can significantly increase one’s ability to carry weapons and equipment, both in space and on the ground.
  • Rejuvenation: Utilizing both ancient meditation techniques and newly developed breathing exercises, it’s possible for one actually trigger their body’s natural healing ability.

But if our recommended perks or skills don’t suit your playthrough, here are other Physical skills ranked from best to worst:

Tier Skills/Perks Tier List
S Fitness (Novice)
Rejuvenation (Master)
Weight Lifting (Novice)
Cellular Regeneration (Expert)
Martial Arts (Expert)
A Environmental Conditioning (Advanced)
Wellness (Novice)
Pain Tolerance (Advanced)
Neurostrikes (Master)
Stealth (Novice)
B Nutrition (Advanced)
Energy Weapon Dissipation (Advanced)
Concealment (Master)
Gymnastics (Advanced)
Boxing (Novice)
C Decontamination (Expert)

Best Combat Skills Tier List

  • Marksmanship: Perhaps no combat scenario is more frightening, or lethal, than a single-shot weapon wielded by someone skilled in critical shot placement.
  • Dueling: Considered by many to be a lost art, close attacks with a melee weapon can often be deadlier than ranged combat when carried out by a skilled practitioner.
  • Crippling: Specifically targeting the pressure points and nerves of various limbs can disable an opponent, limiting their combat effectiveness.

However, if our recommended Starfield perks don’t fit you, here are all the Combat skills ranked from best to worst:

Tier Skills/Perks Tier List
S Incapacitation (Advanced)
Armor Penetration (Master)
Marksmanship (Expert)
Crippling (Master)
Dueling (Novice)
A Sharpshooting (Master)
Rapid Reloading (Expert)
Lasers (Novice)
Particle Beams (Expert)
Ballistics (Novice)
Heavy Weapon Certification (Advanced)
Demolitions (Advanced)
Rifle Certification (Advanced)
Sniper Certification (Expert)
B Targeting (Expert)
Shotgun Certification (Novice)
Pistol Certification (Novice)

The Best Tech Skills in Starfield

  • Targeting Control Systems: Missile weapons are favored because they can lock onto an enemy ship, but an intimate knowledge of tackling systems can make them even more effective.
  • Piloting: As more people journey into space, the number of those certified to effectively pilot various types of spacecraft has increased dramatically.
  • Shield Systems: Regardless of the power allocated by the reactor, a ship’s shields can be further bolstered by direct manipulation of the system’s hardware.

Here are all the Tech skills ranked from best to worst:

Tier Skills/Perks Tier List
S Shield Systems (Advanced)
Targeting Control Systems (Novice)
Piloting (Novice)
Robotics (Expert)
Payloads (Advanced)
Security (Novice)
A Boost Assault Training (Master)
Starship Design (Expert)
Automated Weapon Systems (Master)
Energy Weapon Systems (Advanced)
Engine Systems (Advanced)
Ballistic Weapon Systems (Novice)
B Starship Engineering (Expert)
Missile Weapon Systems (Expert)
Particle Beam Weapon Systems (Expert)
Boost Pack Training (Novice)
C EM Weapon Systems (Master)

The Best Social Skills in Starfield

Best Starfield Skills tier list

  • Persuasion: In the Settled Systems, the nuanced ability to listen and discuss can often accomplish far more than simply shooting first and asking questions later.
  • Commerce: In the Settled System’s free market economy, almost anyone with the right skillset can open and run a successful business.
  • Negotiation: In certain, more challenging communications, skillfully supplementing words with credits may help achieve the desired results.

You get the drill, right?

Tier Skills/Perks Tier List
S Persuasion (Novice)
Commerce (Novice)
Ship Command (Master)
Negotiation (Advanced)
Manipulation (Master)
Diplomacy (Advanced)
Instigation (Expert)
A Scavenging (Novice)
Theft (Novice)
Intimidation (Advanced)
Negotiation (Advanced)
Deception (Advanced)
B Gastronomy (Novice)
Leadership (Expert)
Outpost Management (Expert)
Isolation (Advanced)
C Xenosociology (Master)

The Best Science Skills in Starfield

  • Spacesuit Design: While a basic spacesuit can protect one from the vacuum of space, it takes a specialized design to withstand the rigors of many alien worlds.
  • Research Methods: By skillfully employing both new and time-tested methods, a researcher may complete projects faster, and even gain unexpected insights.
  • Astrophysics: A ship’s scanner receives vast amounts of data, but it takes a trained mind to efficiently analyze it all.
Tier Skills Tier List
S Astrodynamics (Novice)
Spacesuit Design (Advanced)
Astrophysics (Expert)
Medicine (Novice)
Research Methods (Novice)
A Planetary Habitation (Master)
Chemistry (Expert)
Scanning (Advanced)
Weapon Engineering (Advanced)
Geology (Novice)
B Surveying (Novice)
Aneutronic Fusion (Master)
Special Projects (Master)
Zoology (Advanced)
Botany (Advanced)
Outpost Engineering (Expert)

Can You Max All Skills?

Starfield Best Skills Tier List

Yes, you can unlock and level up all the skills to the maximum by investing 328 skill points during your playthrough. You gain a skill point every time you level up. So, you can invest in them by unlocking skills and increasing their ranks. If you want to skip the hassle, you can also use a console command or cheat. But note that this will disable earning any achievements or trophies.

For that, enter the following cheat by pressing the Tilde (~) key button:

  • player.addperk

Enter the required perk ID next to the console command to instantly get that skill. Contrary to the above-ranked Starfield skills from 5 skill trees, we recommend trying out more perks based on your preferred playstyle. The more perks or skills you will unlock, the better will you understand the perks suitable for you. Ultimately, it all depends on your experience, desired playthrough, and build. So, we leave the decision to you.

That’s all about the best Starfield skills tier list. If you found this guide helpful, check out our guides on the all-Starborn Powers tier list, the best weapons of every type location, and explore more Starfield Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.