The Best Race For Buddha Users In Blox Fruits

The best race for Buddha Users is yet to be identified. In this Roblox game, every race has its advantages and disadvantages. The Buddha Fruit is considered to be one of the best fruits in the game because of its powerful abilities. Whether a particular race will help you progress in the game or not can only be decided once you have used it. To save you from the trouble of pairing each race with this fruit, we will provide all Buddha users with the Best Race they can use in this game.

Which is the Best Race for Buddha Users in Blox Fruits?

Blox Fruits Buddha User Race
Photo Credits – Jesse Games on Youtube

After testing different races, we have selected the Ghoul Race as the best race for Buddha Users. The buffs are quite useful during battle and you can expect powerful performance when combined with the Ghoul Mask, as well. It is the best option if you are looking for a combination of power and speed. Using this Race, you can easily defeat a high-level Boss in the game.

Best Accessories for Buddha Users

  • Vice Admiral Coat – You can get this accessory from the First Sea and its buffs include 10% melee attacks and 200 energy.
  • Swan Glasses – This accessory can be found in the Second Sea. The buffs include 8% more damage and more defense against any attack, 25% running speed, and 250 health.
  • Ghoul Mask – Pairing Ghoul Mask with the Ghoul race can make it very difficult for anyone to kill you during combat. It will be available in the Second Sea and offers 10% life leech, 35% more running speed, and 500 energy.
  • Pretty Helmet – This accessory offers 10% more damage and 12.5% defense against melee attacks, 50% more running speed, and 500 Health. It is available in the Third Sea.
  • Hunter’s Cape – This bandana will give you 10% more damage on gun and melee attacks, 750 health, and 80% more running speed. You can get this in the Third Sea.

This is everything you need to know about the Best Race for Buddha Users in Blox Fruits. You can also check out how to get the Buddha Fruit and Best Fighting Style for Buddha, right here on Gamer Tweak.