Best Blox Fruits Buddha Fighting Style

Check out the best fighting styles for Buddha fruit in Blox Fruits.

Buddha is among the strongest fruits to grind in Blox Fruits so players are looking for the best fighting style to improve their skill. If you too are looking to become a strong Buddha user, then this guide is made just for you. For players who are unaware, Blox Fruits is a popular RPG based on One Piece. In this game, you can choose from a list of fruits to get various abilities and attacks. Moreover, you can learn a fighting style to perform various kinds of combat. In this guide, we will tell you which works best with Buddha.

Blox Fruits: Best Fighting Style For Buddha Fruit

Best fighting Styles for Buddha fruit
Image Source: Blox Fruits Fandom

Here are the best fighting styles for the Buddha fruit:

  • Dragon Talon
  • Superhuman
  • Electric Claw

Dragon Talon

  • Where to Learn: Third Sea Haunted Castle from Uzoth NPC

Dragon Talon is one of the best fighting styles to combine with Buddha fruit because of its high damage and large AoE. Since Buddha has the ability to transform you into a giant, you can use the Talon style to hit enemies at a farther range. Because of the massive hitboxes, it is easier to land attacks on enemies.


  • Where to Learn: Second Sea Snow Mountain from Martial Arts Master

The Superhuman fighting style is a great style if you like to play solo. It has a great high combo potential and fast attacks. Moreover, this style supports agility, which is great for the Buddha’s giant move. You’ll have an advantage while grinding bosses and completing raids.

Electric Claw

  • Where to Learn: Third Sea Floating Turtle Island from Previous Hero NPC

Finally, the Electric Claw is among the best style to combine with Buddha. This style has high-velocity attacks that you can spam to grind bosses. Moreover, the moves have a low cooldown which helps you build good combos.

That’s everything from us on the best fighting style for Buddha in Blox Fruits. For more such content like the best fruits to grind, make sure you visit our Blox Fruits guides.