Blox Fruits Best Grinding Fruits Guide

Check out the best fruits for grinding in Blox Fruits.

If you’re looking for the best fruits for grinding in Blox Fruits then you’re at the right place. For players who don’t know, Blox Fruits is based on the popular anime, One Piece. In this game, you can select from a variety of fruits to get special attacks. Even though the attacks depend on the player’s playstyle, some fruits are better than others. In this guide, we will tell you which are the best fruits you should select to grind.

Blox Fruits: Best Fruits For Grinding

Three Best Fruits for Grinding in Blox Fruits

Here are all the best fruits for grinding in Blox Fruits:

  • Flame Fruit
  • Buddha Fruit
  • Magma Fruit

Flame Fruit

  • How to Get: Pay $250,000 Beli or 550 Robux to Blox Fruit Dealer

The Flame Fruit is one of the best for grinding because of its great early-game usage as well as late-game potential. It has immense damage output at close to mid-range combat. Moreover, the fruit has a good hitbox and good spammable skills. This will help you beat strong bosses with relative ease.

Buddha Fruit

  • How to Get: Pay 1,200,000 Beli or 1,650 Robux to the Dealer

The Buddha Fruit is a high-powered fruit because of its transformation ability. This will turn your character into a giant, massively widening your attack range. This works well with all builds because of its massive range. Apart from raids, this fruit also helps you to farm bosses and get rewards.

Magma Fruit

  • How to Get: Pay $850,000 Beli or 1,300 Robux to the Dealer

At the moment, Magma Fruit has the highest amount of damage making it one of the best to grind in Blox Fruits. With the awakening, you get the ability to walk on water. This will help you farm the Sea Beast. Magma is easy to learn where you can spam loads of abilities and a low mastery level requirement. Meaning, you can level it up quite fast.

That’s everything from us on the best fruits for grinding in Blox Fruits. For more such content as how to get Ectoplasm, make sure you check out our Blox Fruits guides.