Best Food To Consume In Sons Of The Forest

Check out this guide to know the Best Food items to consume in Sons of the Forest.

While surviving in the woods, one of your top priorities is satisfying your hunger. Thankfully, in Sons of the Forest, there is an adequate amount of resources for you to consume. May it be meat, vegetables, or fruits, the list is long. However, not all of them are capable enough to keep you going in the long run. So, what should you consume or what should you not? Check out this guide to know the Best Food to consume in Sons of the Forest.

What are the Best Food Items in Sons of the Forest?

Sons of the Forest Best Foods
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Here are some of the best consumables that can put an end to your hunger & replenish your energy:


Consuming a Fish will make your in-game character full and replenish its energy. Although, a Fish can rot and consuming it will cause damage to your Health & Stamina. Hence, to avoid it, players are recommended to cook Fish and hang them on a rack. This will get you a Dried Fish that never rots and is good to eat even after a while. Moreover, it also increases players’ health by 50%.

Cat Food

It may sound weird but consuming Cat Food also satisfies Hunger. You can find them inside containers, wooden crates, and storage rooms at Abandoned Camps and Underground Bunkers. You can open a Cat Food after with the help of a Can Opener and eat it from the Inventory. It is really one of the weirdest yet best foods to consume in Sons of the Forest.

Health Mix & Health Mix+

A Health Mix and Health Mix+ are both consumables that are crafted using certain plants. Let me tell you that consuming them won’t satisfy your hunger but will increase your health bar significantly. A Health Mix increases health by 50%, and a Health Mix increases health by 100% after consumption. So if you are looking to regenerate health, both of these items are the best consumables in Sons of the Forest.

Energy Bar & Energy Drink

Both Energy Bars & Energy Drinks might take a while for the player to obtain. But after consumption, they rejuvenate your character’s energy by a significant amount. Eating an Energy Bar will regenerate health & drinking an Energy Bar will hydrate players completely.


Similar to Fish, consuming Meat ends your hunger and makes you full. Also, it gets rotten and hence you need to cook & dry it as you do with a Fish. You can eat Steak, Bacon, Brain Bites, and even Limps. Well, anything is fair and legal when it comes to survival. However, make sure not to overcook a Limb as it turns into bones if it happens so.


Apart from all kinds of Meat, an Oyster is literally the best food item to consume in Sons of the Forest. It is the only Meat that never gets rotten. Obtaining this eatable can be a trouble as it is located under the water. In such instances, a Rebreather will help you a lot.


There are several types of Mushrooms out there in the woods that you can consume. A Shiitake Mushroom & King Oyster Mushroom will increase your health and decrease your hunger when consumed. On the other hand, a Fly Amanita Mushroom will increase Stamina but will also decrease your health a bit as it is Poisonous.

Other Non-Perishables

Apart from Cat Food, you can consume eatables like Crunchie Wunchies, Filled Food Tray, MRE Pack, and Ramen Noodles. While the first 3 decrease hunger, Ramen Noodles increase Stamina but also makes the character thirsty.

All of the above-mentioned foods are what we found to be the best ones in Sons of the Forest. There are many other eatables out there in the forest. That being said, you are free to explore and try out most of them.

That covers everything on the Best Food to eat in Sons of the Forest. While you are here, make sure to check out our other SoTF Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.