Where To Get “Crunchie Wunchies” Cereal In Sons Of The Forest

Find the Crunchie Wunchies cereal, the breakfast of the survivors, in Sons of The Forest.

Food plays an important role in any survival game and SoTF is no different. Stranded on an island with little to no resources, you will find it difficult to avoid starvation. However, in Sons of The Forest, you can scour the island and collect food items like the Crunchie Wunchies cereal. Since this island is also infested with man-eating mutants and other threats, you need to be always on the move. This portable snack will help you to fill your hunger meter from time to time on this journey and we will tell you where to get it.

Where to Get Cereal in Sons of The Forest

Cereal location in Food Dining Bunker

The best place to get cereal in Sons of The Forest is the Food and Dining bunker. This bunker is located to the northwest of the Snowy Mountains above the water body. You can identify the entrance to this bunker with the two carts parked in front of it. Once you reach there, follow these simple steps:

  • Press “E” near the cave to enter.
  • Walk a bit till you reach a hatch marked as “Food And Dining”.
  • Again, press “E” to open the hatch and enter.
  • Once inside, you’ll find an abandoned kitchen with many shelves.
  • Look around on these shelves and you’ll find loads of food, including the Crunchie Wunchies cereal boxes.
  • Go near them and press “E” to collect them.

Alternatively, you’ll also find Crunchie Wunchies in tents at some Abandoned Camps.

How to Use Cereal in SoTF

How to Use Cereal in SoTF

To use cereal in Sons of The Forest, press “I” to open your inventory. Then, click on the cereal box to eat it. It’s usually placed in the top-left corner of the inventory. Since this resource does not go bad, we recommend you save it till you face a shortage of food.

That’s all from us on where to get and how to use Cereal in Sons of The Forest. For more helpful guides like How to Get Booze, make sure you visit our SoTF section.