How To Get Fly Amanita Mushroom In Sons Of The Forest (Location)

Here is the location of the Fly Amanita Mushroom in Sons of The Forest.

Want to know the location of Fly Amanita in Sons of The Forest? Then you’re at the right place. Endnight Games’s latest release is an open-world survival game with tons to explore. Similar to The Forest, players have to survive attacks from deadly mutants while scavenging for food and supplies. Electrical, hardware, plants, fruits, armor, weapons – the search never stops. One of these items that many players are curious about is a type of mushroom called Fly Amanita. Here is where to find it.

Fly Amanita Location In Sons Of The Forest

The Fly Amanita mushrooms are located in several parts of the map in Sons of The Forest. You can mostly find them at the foot of trees in the forest. They are quite common on the island but beware, these mushrooms are poisonous. You can easily spot them due to their easily distinguishable red cap and white spots. Their growth and shape are of varying types. The image below shows one of the spots where you can find a group of Fly Amanita mushrooms:

fly amanita mushroom

Can You Use Fly Amanita?

As of now, the Fly Amanita can’t be used for any purposes in Sons of The Forest. This is mainly because the mushroom is poisonous, just like in real life. If your character consumes it, they will immediately lose a portion of their health. So, handle these mushrooms with care. Unlike the Devil’s cub which can be used to craft Energy mix+, the Fly Amanita has no crafting value. Moreover, you can’t eat it like the Shiitake Mushrooms in the game.

That’s all you need to know about the location of Fly Amanita in Sons of The Forest. We hope that this guide was able to solve your doubts. While you’re here, check out how to cook food, how to catch fish, and how to craft in our Sons of The Forest section.