Enshrouded Best Classes Guide

Not sure what’s the Best Class to progress toward in Enshrouded? Here’s our guide that features 5 of the Best Classes that you can choose.

Choosing the best class for you in Enshrouded is a tough job, as there are 12. Thanks to the generosity of Keen Games (the devs), you are not limited to any of them. There are different playstyles in which you can advance initially, and they’re categorized into Red, Blue, and Green colors. Each of these colors eventually leads you to a specific Class type.

  • Red: Tank, Barbarian, Athlete, and Warrior
  • Blue: Wizard, Trickster, Healer, and Battlemage
  • Green: Survivor, Ranger, Beastmaster, and Assassin

You can easily predict that Red represents the Constitution and Strength Attributes from the above categorization. On the other hand, Blue is for Spirit and Intelligence, and Green is for Endurance and Dexterity. While the game has so much to offer, it becomes next to impossible for you to select any particular Class. Therefore, we have created this guide, where you can find our pick for the Best Enshrouded Class.

Best Classes in Enshrouded

According to me, these are the top 5 Best Enshrouded Class that you must try:

5 Tank

Image Credits to Khaathus

Tanks are like the Hulk, which absorbs all the damage by charging straight into the enemy camp. This makes it evident that this Class also specializes in eliminating those in close range. When playing with friends, I highly recommend that at least one player from the squad pick the Tank Class. They can easily lead the charge by staying in front, absorbing and causing damage, and eventually, getting their team the upper hand.

You can be the best Tank in Enshrouded with skills like the Earth Aura. This skill reduces the damage by 10% against all damage for players within the 10-meter range. You can unlock the Evasion Attack for the attacking part, which lets you dash toward the enemy when equipped with a Melee Weapon. You can use this to deal massive damage to the enemies who are right in front of you.

4 Range

Ranger using his Bow and Arrow in Enshrouded. Image Credits to 04AM

Players who prefer a Robinhood approach to eliminating enemies should advance toward the Ranger Class. To summarize it quickly, if you prefer fighting from a long range, then Ranger is the best Class in Enshrouded. You can pierce the enemy armor with a standard bow and arrow and kill them with one precise shot.

I suggest you pick the Marksman Skill to maximize your efficiency in the Ranger Class. This will increase the damage of all ranged weapons by 10%. You can also get the Bee Sting skill if you wish to use your Bow while gliding.

3 Wizard

Wizard’s Fire Element Damage. Image Credits to EzBreezy750

For those who enjoy blasting off elemental projectiles, the Wizard class is the best choice in Enshrouded. Imagine having complete control over the powers of ice, fire, and lightning. Thanks to the Wizard Class, you can have all three elemental attack types in your quiver. One thing that you will have to keep in mind while opting for this Class is Increasing your Spirit Attribute.

Increased Spirit Attribute gives you more Mana Points, allowing you to cast spells more often. However, spell casting is not unlimited; it has some cooldown period. If you unlock the Quick Charge Skill, you can reduce the Staff’s charge time by up to 50%.

2 Survivor

Double Jump Skill is available in Enshrouded’s Survivor Class. Image Credits to Citizen Steve

There is no denying that the majority of Enshrouded players want to explore every nook and cranny of the Embervale. Such players can focus on the Survivor Skill as it greatly enhances mobility. This means that you will be able to Climb and Sprint for long without losing much Stamina. You know how beneficial it is especially when you’re looking to farm items like Metal Sheet, Copper Ore, Tar, etc.

To make the most of the Survivor Class, you can equip yourself with skills like Double Jump, Runner, and Inner Fire. These three skills will help you explore the Embervale with great ease. The Double Jump skill will allow you to jump for a second time while airborne, making climbing easier. On the other hand, the Runner Skill will increase your sprinting speed by 10% and decrease the Stamina cost by 10%. Lastly, the Inner Fire Skill will help you stay 2 minutes longer in the Shroud. For explorers, the Survivor Skills is a massive win.

1 Warrior

Warrior Class in Enshrouded. Screenshot by Gamer Tweak

The Warrior Class falls under the Constitution Attribute and increases your focus on Melee Combat and Health. Choosing this Class means getting access to various Melee Weapons like Blades, Swords, and Hammers. Using these weapons requires no deep knowledge, which makes the Warrior Class suitable even for Beginners.

To maximize your potential as a Warrior, you can choose Class-exclusive Skills to strengthen your character. These Skills will enhance the two primary aspects of combat: Offense and Defense. For example, Skills like Swift Blade will increase your Attack Speed with one-handed weapons, allowing you to cause more damage. On the other hand, the feast skill will help you gain an additional 15% in health after consuming meat.

Aside from the above Classes, the Healer is also a good option when playing with your squad. At least one player must support you when you’re attacked from all sides.

So the above are what I think are the Best Classes in Enshrouded. While reading the guide, if you developed a genuine interest in Skills, we have a separate guide. Also, we have another guide that can help you Level Up Fast. So be sure to check them out on our website.