Enshrouded: How To Get Metal Sheets

Wondering how you can craft useful pieces of armor and shields? Here is how you can get Metal Sheets in Enshrouded.

In Enshrouded, one of the most important skills players will need to perfect is crafting. This is because, to survive the challenging environment of the game, you will have to collect resources and create items that will help you smoothly progress through the game. Although some of the materials like Plant Fiber and Bones are easier to get and use, other important resources like Metal Sheets can be difficult to obtain.

If you are struggling to find this item, especially if you want to craft some powerful shields and pieces of armor, here’s everything you need to do in order to get this useful material.

How to Make Metal Sheets in Enshrouded

Craft Metal Sheets in Enshrouded using Charcoal and Metal Scraps
Craft Metal Sheets in Enshrouded using Charcoal and Metal Scraps (Image – Sipder on YouTube)

Although to get most of the in-game resources players have to find them while exploring the map, in order to get Metal Scraps players will have to craft it. To start this process, firstly, you will have to find and awaken the Blacksmith. He will be located in the Ancient Vault, which is present towards the southwest of the Ancient Spire — Springlands Fast Travel spot.

Now, to start making the Metal Sheets, you will require two important materials – Charcoal and Metal Scraps. We will explain how you can get both of these resources and use them to craft the item you desire.

How to Get Charcoal in Enshrouded

Since this resource cannot be found naturally in the game, you will have to craft it. However, to make this material, you will first have to construct the Charcoal Kiln workstation. This structure can be constructed by using 20 Stones from your inventory. Once built, you can start the process of crafting Charcoal by getting the following materials –

Once these items are processed in the Charcoal Kiln, you will be able to obtain 15 Charcoal.

How to Get Metal Scraps in Enshrouded

There are several ways of obtaining this resource, namely through looting and defeating human scavengers. However, if you want to learn more about how you can quickly get this resource, check out our dedicated Metal Scraps guide and find out how you collect this material.

Once you have obtained both the resources, Charcoal and Metal Scraps, you will have to construct a Forge using –

  • 10x Metal Scraps
  • 10x Charcoal
  • 12x Wood Logs
  • 30x Stone

Now you can add x2 Charcoal and x2 Metal Scraps into the Forge to create x1 Metal Sheet. You can then use this resource to while crafting the Rising Fighter Set and the Rising Fighter shield.

We have covered everything you need to know if you want to make Metal Sheets in Enshrouded. Since this is your current favorite game, make sure to browse through our guide on how you can get Lumps of Clay and find out which are some of the best skills players should get first to level up fast.