How To Get Lumps Of Clay In Enshrouded

Looking for Lumps of Clay in order to complete all your construction work in Enshrouded? Here are all the locations where you will find this resource.

In Enshrouded, players will have to collect multiple resources by exploring all the vast areas in the game and use these materials to craft items that will help them survive. Similarly, in order to construct some of the useful in-game items, you will have to get Lumps of Clay. This resource is an important ingredient while building the Kiln.

However, you will only be able to obtain this material once you have considerably progressed through the game. Therefore, to help you understand how and where you can find this useful resource, here is a list of all the prime locations where you can find and mine Lumps of Clay.

Where to Find Lumps of Clay in Enshrouded

Lumps of Clay are brownish orange colored resources that are present in different areas of Enshrouded
Lumps of Clay in Enshrouded are brownish-orange colored resources that are present in different areas of the map. (Image – MMO Wiki)

Although players will be able to find these resources throughout the map, Revelwood is one of the prime locations where you will find huge deposits of Lumps of Clay. Due to this, we would advise players to unlock Ancient Spire – Revelwood Fast Travel so that they can easily access this area wherever they want.

This place is located towards the northeast of the Braelyn Bridge. However, to access this area you will have to upgrade your Flame Altar to Level 3. Before you begin this farming process, make sure you have equipped a good quality pickaxe in order to collect this resource.

You can get this material while exploring different places in this area, however, you will be able to collect a good amount of this resource if you glide downwards from the top of the spire and land on the cliff located on the other side. Here, you will be able to mine this orange-colored resource.

Additionally, another easy spot is located towards the west side. To get to this area, you will have to exit the spire and keeping moving towards the west side. Keep going until you locate a huge cliff that has Lumps of Clay. You can then use your pickaxe and mine this resource.

How to Use Lumps of Clay in Enshrouded

As mentioned earlier, one of the main use of this resource is while building the Kiln workstation. Here is the full recipe, if you are looking to construct this station –

Additionally, it is also used while crafting many other important and useful items like Smelter, Mortar, Tanning station, Crucible, and Oven.

This is everything you need to know about how you can efficiently get Lumps of Clay and use it to create helpful items. If you are looking for more Enshrouded guides, make sure to check out how you can get Wax and where you can find Copper Ore, all available here on Gamer Tweak.