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Halls Of Torment: Best Abilities

Want to reach level 100 in a single run? Check out the best abilities in Halls of Torment.

If you are looking for the best abilities in Halls of Torment, you might be strategizing to get to level 100 in a single run. Abilities are the buffs in HoT that offer perks like firing projectiles, needles, or summoning golems. While these strong buffs last only till the end of a stage, they are crucial to survive runs and level up. But with a plethora of abilities available, choosing the right strategy can be a bit tricky. And to survive longer or level up faster, you must choose the most powerful buffs. But as for which abilities to prioritize in your runs and quests? Don’t worry, check out our recommendations for the best abilities in HoT.

Best Abilities in Halls of Torment

In total, there are 11 abilities in Halls of Torment as of now. During your runs, focus on upgrading abilities and using various traits depending on the hordes of enemies.

So, here are our recommended best abilities in HoT:


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Kugeblitz is an ability that fires a moving ball of electricity and emits shockwaves toward random enemies. With an increased base damage of 30 and a critical chance of 50%, you can stand against big hordes of monsters. It can deal over 300,000 damage with the Shield bash once you unlock it. If you deal enough damage using Kugelblitz, you can also unlock the High Voltage and Static Attraction. These unlocks are the second and third mastery levels respectively.

Meteor Strike

halls of torment best abilities

If you are looking to inflict AoE damage, Meteor Strike is the best ability for crowd control. It automatically fires three projectiles in a random direction and explodes when it hits the ground dealing area damage. While this ability causes massive damage of 250 to hordes of enemies, it has a low critical chance of striking enemies. But as for the players looking for clearing huge waves of enemies, you can pick the Meteor Strike during your runs.

Radiant Aura

halls of torment best abilities

Being arguably the most overpowered magic ability in Halls of Torment, Radiant Aura can inflict up to 3 million aura damage to the enemies. Similar to the Garlic ability in Vampire Survivors, this ability casts light as it deals equal damage to all foes within range. Once you select this ability, you cannot be swarmed by huge hordes of monsters.

Aside from the above abilities, we recommend experimenting with various abilities that suit your playstyle. However, if you are confused about picking the best characters, check out our best heroes and classes tier list for more insight.

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