Halls Of Torment Tier List – Best Class Hero

Use these Halls of Torment classes or characters to exterminate the hordes of monsters.

This tier list of best to decent Halls of Torment characters was made after comparing the overall performance of classes. We studied their powers, skills, stats, and other aspects to create a ranking suitable for both new and pro players. Though all characters have their pros and cons, some are better than the rest, and thus you should go for them when they are available. So use these classes to survive the horror and slay hordes of monsters.

Halls of Torment Class or Character Tier List

Halls Of Torment Tier List

The characters are the class that players select in the game. And there are a total of 7 classes at the time of writing: Swordsman, Shield Maiden, Warlock, Archer, Sorceress, Exterminator, and Cleric. Below you will find their ranking from S to C tier. S-tier classes are the best characters with immense capabilities. While C is what you should choose when others are unsuitable for your style.
  • S Tier: Sorceress, Archer
  • A Tier: Cleric, Exterminator
  • B Tier: Shield Maiden, Swordsman
  • C Tier: Warlock

All About Halls Of Torment S Rank Classes

  • Sorceress: This character uses spells to inflict massive damage on enemy hordes. Her defense is not as good as other classes, but her movement speed, attack speed, critical chance, and range combination are the best among all. You can use traits like Thick Hide I to boost and increase her defense in Halls of Torment.
  • Archer: Archer comes with great range and decent defense stats. He offers a 100% critical bonus and has a 15% critical chance. His damage is 50, so you can easily clear the surrounding and far away enemies. And since his damage is already great, you should use traits like Strength I to boost it.
This is all for the Halls of Torment class or character tier list. The game is very interesting and fun, so you might want to play it with your friends, if you do, then learn if multiplayer is possible in it or not. Also, if you are interested in reading our other tier guides, then skim through our site.