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Does Halls Of Torment Have Multiplayer? (Answered)

Want to co-op with your friends or other players? Here's where you can find out if the Halls of Torment has Multiplayer mode.

Does the recently released Halls of Torment have a multiplayer or co-op mode? That’s the question that has been asked by many players wanting to play PvP with their friends or other players. The Halls of Torment is a fantasy-horde survival game that is pre-rendered in a retro look similar to the RPGs from the late 90s. Ever since its release, players have been grinding various challenging Halls and quests to unlock different secrets. With some help from a friend, clearing these dungeons, halls, and quests can become much easier. But does the game allow players to team up with their friends in a multiplayer mode? Check out our guide to find out if there is a multiplayer coop mode in this game.

Does Halls of Torment Have a Multiplayer Coop Mode?

halls of torment multiplayer

No, unfortunately, Halls of Torment does not have a multiplayer or coop mode. Instead, the game solely focuses on singleplayer mode. As confirmed by the developers at the Chasing Carrots during an FAQ, they will not be adding multiplayer in the future. So that means, you will be running solo for your quests, casual, and quick runs. Furthermore, the developers didn’t elaborate or share any explanations for not adding multiplayer or a PvP mode.

However, one of the players in the SteamCommunity speculated that this might be due to balance issues. Another player stated that the Co-op mode can deplete the resources that could be otherwise used to improve the single-player experience. Considering Halls of Torment doesn’t have a co-op mode currently, it will take the developers plenty of work and resources to add one. And from the remarks made by developers, it seems confirmed that we will not be getting a multiplayer mode, after all.

Even though the game is currently in early access, the dev team shared that they don’t have a definitive roadmap planned for the future. As of now, the team aims to leave Steam Early Access and be in EA in roughly six months. They added that want to create a cool game which does not help with a fixed roadmap.

We know this could be disappointing or heart-breaking for the players anticipating multiplayer in the game. But don’t worry, check out our recommended best co-op multiplayer games for PC to play with your friends. If you are looking for multiplayer rogue-like element games, check out the best coop games like Risk of Rain 2.

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