Halls Of Torment: How To Get Potions (& Herbs)

Looking for a way to get all potions in a single run? Find out how to unlock and get Potions in Halls of Torment.

If you want to reroll traits, you must know how to get Potions in Halls of Torment. But for that, you must unlock Potions before using or getting them. Unlike other rogue-like games, Potions are not used as consumables to get buffs, or restore health. Instead, you can use these in-game items to reroll your ability traits through various means. These include rerolling the collection of traits when leveling up, memorizing a trait for guaranteed spawn, banishing a trait, or stacking up the trait twice. But how to unlock Potions in HoT? Check out our guide to find out how to unlock and get all Potions along with their required herbs.

How to Unlock and Get Potions in Halls of Torment

You can get Potions in Halls of Torment once you unlock the Cupbearer NPC. To unlock him, you must complete a quest titled The Cupbearer. This story quest involves rescuing him when you enter the Forgotten Viaduct for the first time. Once you complete the quest and rescue him, you gain access to your first potion, the Strong Wine. After unlocking the first potion, you will find it available to you at the beginning of each run.

But what about the rest? Scroll till the end to find out:

All Potions in Halls of Torment

halls of torment get potions herbs ingredients

For unlocking the rest of the potions, you must find the required herbs or Potion ingredients. Once you head to the Cupbearer, you will find the required Herbs scattered around various stages. As of now, there are three potions you can unlock by finding their herbs.

So, here are all the Potions, their rerolling effects, and the herbs required to unlock them in HoT:

  • Potion of Oblivion:
    • Herbs – Dragon Nettle, Amanita, and Bluecap.
    • Effect – Banishes a trait and all of its follow-up traits when leveling up.
  • Potion of Memories:
    • Herbs – Truffle, Firepaw, and Coppergrass.
    • Effect – Memorizes a trait so it’s guaranteed to appear next time you level up.
  • Reverberant Tinkture:
    • Herbs – Wallflower, Salsify, and Belladonna.
    • Effect – Apply the effects of a trait twice when leveling up.

Where to Find Potion Ingredients or Herbs

halls of torment get potions herbs ingredients

Mentioned below are the stages you can find and get the required Herbs or Potion ingredients in Halls of Torment:

Potion Ingredients / Herbs Stages (Location)
Amanita Hall II: Ember Grounds
Belladonna Hall III: Forgotton Viaduct
Bluecap Hall I: Haunted Caverns
Coppergrass Hall I: Haunted Caverns
Dragon Nettle Hall II: Ember Grounds
Firepaw Hall II: Ember Grounds
Salsify Hall II: Ember Grounds
Truffle Hall I: Haunted Caverns
Wallflower Hall III: Forgotton Viaduct

Similar to the first potion, you can get the rest of the potions available to you at the start of every run. But since you get only a single unit of them, find and collect Bottles to get more Potions.

That’s all about how to get Potions in Halls of Torment. If you liked this guide, check out our guides on how to unlock all characters, the best Archer build, and explore more Halls of Torment Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.