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Halls Of Torment: How To Get All Characters

Use this character guide to unlock all classes in Halls of Torment.

Choose your hero and learn how to unlock it in Halls of Torment with this character guide. There are several playable characters in HoT, all with different attack ranges, damage, critical chance, and attack speed. Plus, they all have their unique set of traits and attributes, which can be polished with in-game items as you progress. Now one of the most difficult parts of this game is learning which quest is required for which class and how to complete them, so read along and learn all of that here.

How to Get All Halls of Torment Classes

How To Unlock Characters HoT

At the time of writing, there are 7 classes in the game: Swordsman, Shield Maiden, Warlock, Archer, Sorceress, Exterminator, and Cleric. All classes except Swordsman are unlocked through quests, so start with the Swordsman and complete the listed quests to get other characters.

Class Quest Location Task
Sorceress  Kill Enemies 3 Forgotten Viaduct Kill 10,000 enemies in one round
Archer Caverns Survive 1 Haunted Caverns Survive in the Cavern until only 26 minutes are left
Cleric The Lich Haunted Caverns Defeat Lich
Warlock Ember Boss 3 Ember Grounds Defeat Wyrm Queen
Exterminator Kill Enemies 1 Ember Grounds Kill 1000 enemies in one round
Shieldmaiden Wraith Horseman Forgotten Viaduct Defeat Wraith Horseman
Swordsman Default

Attributes of All Unlocked Halls of Torment Classes

Before unlocking the characters, you should first learn about their attributes. This will help you unlock the class that best suits your playstyle and save you time.

Class Max Health Damage Range Critical Bonus Critical Chance Movement Speed
Sorceress 300 100 6.1m 200% 10% 5.6m/s
Archer 350 50 6.1m 100% 15% 5.0m/s
Cleric 400 666 7.0m 0% 0% 4.4m/s
Warlock 350 50 7.0m 0% 0% 5.0m/s
Exterminator 400 20 6.0m 20% 0% 5.0m/s
Shieldmaiden 400 0 6.1m 200% 5% 4.7m/s
Swordsman 500 95 6.0m 100% 10% 5.0m/s

That’s all you need to do to unlock all characters or classes in Halls of Torment. If you found this HoT guide interesting, then check our other same-game articles like Can you use the multiplayer system in HoT and Halls of Torment tier list.