Best Halls Of Torment Archer Build (Items & Traits)

Love Archer's damage but keep dying in Halls of Torment? Check out this best build that you can use.

While playing Halls of Torment, having the best Archer build can make you enjoy the game more. Out of the 7 classes, Archer can provide some of the highest damage. The catch here though, is that she is weak when it comes to taking hits. While the game does give her better movement speed, having the right equipment can make a lot of difference. So here are the best Items and Traits that you should use with her.

Halls of Torment Best Archer Build Items

Halls of Torment Best Archer Build

Fire Damage build currently has the best items that you can use with Archer in this game.

Fire Damage Build

  • Footwear: Firewalker Boots
  • Garment: Blazing Shell
  • Gloves: Sparking Tips
  • Headwear: Ruby Circlet
  • Necklace: Jade Amulett
  • Ring: Ring of Fire

If you notice, except for the necklace, all the items in this build are associated with fire damage. Using the firewalker boots you not only leave behind a trail that damages enemies but also has a chance to inflict burn on them. And to improve on this, the Blazing Shell garment has a 50% chance to burn the enemies that touch you.

The Sparking tips gloves come in after you burn your enemy. Hitting them with a physical attack will make them spark fire damage. This not only damages them but also has a chance to set them on fire.

Ruby Circlet headwear gives you additional 4% damage for every enemy that is burning, you can stack this effect up to 60%.

Finally, the Ring of Fire turns your main weapon’s attack into fire that increases your chance to burn them.

Early Game Build for Archers

  • Footwear: Runner Shoes or Spike Boots
  • Garment: Hunter’s Garb
  • Gloves: Hunting Gloves or Quickhand Gloves
  • Headwear: Wind Crown
  • Necklace: Jade Amulett
  • Ring: Copper Ring or Wooden Ring

Best Traits for Archers in Halls of Torment

  • Offensive Abilities
    • Quick Hands: Gives you an additional 10% attack speed.
    • Multihit: Gives you 10% additional attacks.
  • Defensive Abilities
    • Metabolism: Gives you additional Health Regeneration per Second.
  • Ability Traits
    • Phantom Needles: Rapidly shoot needles at random nearby enemies. You can increase its attack speed with Multihit.
    • Dragon’s Breath: Unleash a wave of fire in the direction where your character is facing. With this attack, you have a chance to set your target on fire.

This was just the items and traits I chose focusing on fire damage. You can experiment around with Lightning Strike, Electrostatic Treads, and more to change things up a bit.

That was all for Archer’s best build in Halls of Torment. You should also check out our other guides on what radiant aura is, how to unlock all characters, and if this game has Multiplayer.