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Halls Of Torment Radiant Aura (Explained)

Confused about the garlic-like ability in HoT? Check out our guide that explains everything about the Radiant Aura in Halls of Torment.

The Radiant Aura in Halls of Torment is arguably the most overpowered magic ability to deal significant damage to hordes or waves of enemies. Similar to the Garlic ability in Vampire Survivors, the Radiant Aura offers crowd control by inflicting AoE damage. As you cast the light to clear out the waves of enemies, it distributes the damage equally among all foes within the range. And the best part? It is available for all the classes or characters in the game. While attacks and moveset can increase your damage output, this ability is your best pick for crowd control & eliminating big waves of enemies. But how to use Radiant Aura for your builds? Check out our guide that explains everything about the Radiant Aura magic ability.

Radiant Aura in Halls of Torment

halls of torment radiant aura
Image Source – Dex on YouTube.

Once you make a build including the Radiant Aura in Halls of Torment, choose various traits to increase its damage output and reduce its cooldown period. You can use the Spellcaster Gloves which increases the damage of all the abilities by 66%.

So, here are all the base stats of Radiant Aura in HoT:

  • Damage – 1332
  • Attack Speed – 0.2 per second
  • Crit. Chance – 0%
  • Crit. Bonus – 0%

Using different ability traits and upgrades, you can cause up to 3 Million aura damage to the hordes of enemies. After achieving Mastery level II by dealing 1.5 Million damage using Radiant Aura, you will get ascension. Now, you can apply Fragile and Affliction status effects to all enemies. This will further boost your progress towards achieving the Master level III by dealing 3 Million damage using Radiant Aura.

You can upgrade and apply the Sacred Flame status effect that emits additional fire-based attacks among all enemies in range once unlocked. While this ability only distributes a certain number of burn stacks, you can increase this number with a burn chance. Once you can inflict up to 3,000,000 aura damage to hordes, it makes this ability a boss-killing machine in HoT. And then, you can take on different bosses with these boosted stats.

But coming back to the ability traits for this ability, what are their various effects? Here’s where you can find out:

All Radiant Aura Ability Traits

halls of torment radiant aura

Here are all the ability traits of Radiant Aura in Halls of Torment:

  • Focus –
    • +20% Aura damage
    • -5% Aura radius
  • Strength
    • +15% Aura damage
    • +5% Aura charge speed
  • Critical
    • +3% Crit. Chance
    • +30% Base Crit. Bonus
  • Reach
    • +10% Aura Radius
    • +10% Aura damage
  • Haste
    • -180 Aura damage
    • +1/3 Base charge speed
  • Might
    • +300 Aura Damage

Thanks to hot.fandom.com for providing the above list of traits.

That’s all about the Radiant Aura in Halls of Torment. If you liked this guide, check out our guides to find out if the game has Multiplayer or coop mode, the mobile release date for Android and iOS devices, and explore more Halls of Torment Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.

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