Halls Of Torment Mobile Release Date For iPhone And Android

Looking for a release date for Halls of Torment on Mobile? Here's a guide that will explain everything you need.

Halls of Torment is available on Steam for Early Access and it has got people thinking about when it will release on Mobile. Since the developers do have plans to spread the game to iOS & Android, it’s safe to say that it will happen sometime in the future. However, there are plans for porting the game to console devices as well. Since there is no clear roadmap, it’s easy for fans to get confused. Hopefully, as you read below things will get clearer for you.

What is the Halls of Torment Mobile Release Date?

When Will Halls Of Torment Release On iPhone & Android

Since the game is in early access, you need to first know that the developers plan to release the full version sometime around the end of 2023 (Steam Community Discussion). After that, they plan to port the game to Nintendo Switch and other consoles. Once that is done, players can expect Halls of Torment to release on mobile. While there is no confirmed date, we can only expect to see it on iPhone & Android after 2023 ends. Halls of Torment has gained similar momentum to what Vampire Survivors could achieve and the developers might be interested in following a similar arc.

It would be quite difficult to pinpoint an exact date or even year for that matter since there is no official confirmation or rumor so far. However, if things go well, we could see the game on different platforms sooner than expected. Vampire Survivors has already received more than a million downloads on the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. So it would be a great idea for the developers to release Halls of Torment on Mobile soon.

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