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How To Get Items Permanently In Halls Of Torment

Items obtained from different stages can be kept permanently in Halls of Torment. Here's how.

Do you want to get items permanently in Halls of Torment as well? These items are of extreme use as they provide buffs and stat boosts to your in-game character. After each run, they vanish and are nowhere to be found. However, there’s a way you can keep a loot forever after obtaining it. Once you keep an item in Halls of Torment, you will be able to equip it at the beginning of the next stage. Sounds intriguing right? Take a look below to get started.

How to Get Items in Halls of Torment

Get Items from Treasure Chest in Halls of Torment

To get an item during different stages of Halls of Torment, you just need to kill enemies. On certain spots, you will come across Treasure Chests that you can unlock for getting loot. After unlocking the chest, you will be given 3 options, out of which, you need to select any 1. Now that you know how to get items in Halls of Torment, here’s how you can save them permanently.

How to Keep Items in Halls of Torment Item Stash

To keep an item forever in Halls of Torment, you’ll have to find and rescue the Wellkeeper NPC. As the name suggests, this NPC will let you transfer the looted items from Hall to the Camp outside. The Wellkeeper is found in Stage 3 – Ember Grounds and is locked inside a Cage. In order to free him, you will have to find a Key that can be found on the same level. Once the Wellkeeper is freed, you must look out for a bucket found inside the broken tower. You can reach out to it by following the bucket icon on the edge of your screen. For your reference, we have added the image of the Well below.

How to Keep Items in Halls of Torment

After interacting with the Well, the screen will display items you have unlocked from that stage alongside a bucket. Simply drag and drop the items you want to keep permanently to that bucket. But keep in mind that a transferred item will not be available for the rest of that stage. To retrieve that item back, you need to interact with the Wellkeeper. He can next to the Firecamp standing close to a Well. Talk to him and pay the required fees (Gold) to equip that item.

That’s how you get and keep items permanently in Halls of Torment. If you have just started playing Halls of Torment, then we have plenty of helpful content available for you. So make sure to check them out right here at Gamer Tweak.

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