What Is Among Us Vigilante Mod (Sheriff Mod)?

Here's how the Sheriff Mod works in Among Us and what new things it adds to the game. Check out our guide on the Among Us Vigilante Mod here.

We’ve discussed quite a few Among Us Mods here, namely the Zombie Mode Mod, 100 Players Mod and the Proximity Chat Mod. In this guide, we will explain what is the Among Us Vigilante Mod or Sheriff Mod and how it works. Players are coming up with many different types of mods for this popular online game which is adding brand new twists to it, so if you are interested to try it out, keep reading till the end.

Among Us Vigilante Mod – What is It?

What is the Vigilante Mod in Among Us? Well, what it adds is a Sheriff role to the already exciting game. The basic concept is same as the original game – crewmates have to ensure that they complete tasks whereas the imposters have to focus on killing them one by one undetected. With the Sheriff mod, though, one player will be a Sheriff (aka the Vigilante). This crew member will be shown in green which means they have a special power – they can actually kill an imposter.


This is exciting for those players who didn’t have the ability to kill an imposter as an innocent crewmate. But if you are the designated Sheriff, you get the option now.

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If your suspicions about a person are right and you end up killing the imposter, your team will win. But if you attempt to kill a crewmate instead, you will end up dying. This is perfect for those players who want to add a level of fear for the imposters – they aren’t invulnerable now.

So, that’s basically how the Among Us Vigilante Mod works. As a crewmate, you have to focus on completing your tasks and not getting killed by anyone. As an Imposter, you have to kill players one by one. Finally, as a Sheriff, you have to detect the Imposter and kill them without killing an innocent crewmate.

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