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Lost Ark Alts Guide – How To Use & Are They Needed?

What's the importance of having Alts in Lost Ark? Here are a few that you can consider if you're on the fence about creating alts.

Should you have Alts in Lost Ark and if yes, how many should you have? What class should they be in and what are the benefits of having them? These are just a few of the quests you may have in mind related to Alts in Lost Ark.


Lost Ark Alts Guide

value of alts lost ark

Here’s the value of having alts in Lost Ark. Big thanks to Sywo for the in-depth video about this topic which I have linked at the end of this article.


Why Should you Have Alts?

  • Simply put, if you have alts in Lost Ark, you can reap the benefits of using in-game content that is shared for all characters such as specific currencies, mounts etc.
  • The best part is that you can grind and get some loot on your alt that you can access via your main character. Any item that is marked with ‘bound to account’ or ‘tradable’ means you can use it on your main. If it’s something you want to transfer, you can do so via the Roster storage. Anything you put there can be accessed by another character of yours.
  • Another reason for having Alts is to try another class or simply experience the same class in another manner. 
  • You get to enjoy the game much more with more than one character. Since Lost Ark has so much to offer, having an alt will help you explore more content, faster. You can use the free character boosts to help you with leveling.
  • To be your very best in the endgame, and to earn a lot of Gold, you will require alts to speed up the process. The more you play with alts, the faster you obtain loot and rewards such as gear honing materials.
  • The main intention of having alts is to get as much Gold as possible because then you can purchase anything you want from the Auction house. The more Abyssal dungeons you farm, the more gold you get. You can sell items that you obtain for money or transfer to your main.
  • Here’s a Reddit post with more ideas on how to use Alts effectively.

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How many Alts should you create?

You can create as many Alts as you want (up to 6 are recommended by Sywo) in any class that you prefer. There are benefits to having alts of the same class – you don’t have to start over with the learning curve of the class and you can also use things that are server-shared. But in case you are more focused on trying out another class, then that’s cool too.

In terms of numbers, you can start off with just 1 and build up to 2 and check how things work out because you don’t want to ignore your main character as well. If you can manage your time and balance efforts all around, then you can create more Alts whenever possible.


Having Alts on Different Server

As per Sywo, you can create an Alt on another server if you’d like, because with a certain trick you can send over Gold to your main. Basically, you can put an item on the Auction House (from your Main) and find it via your Alt. Then, with the money you have earned from your Alt, purchase the item, effectively transferring your gold from Alt to Main. Moreover, you get a fresh start on your rewards on another server which can be a nice incentive to start a new character there as well.

Here’s the complete video on the value of Alts in this game, check it out!

This is basically the gist of why you should have alts in Lost Ark and what are the advantages. We’ve got guides on knowledge transfer and powerpass that you might want to know more about. Check them out on Gamer Tweak!