Lost Ark Knowledge Transfer Explained (Guide)

If you want to skip the grinding on your alt character in Lost Ark you should learn about knowledge transfer. This guide will help you with it.

Knowledge Transfer was a feature introduced in Lost Ark for the Korean region quite late. Thankfully the western audience doesn’t have to wait as this feature comes with the launch for them. This is a very important feature who like to play with the different classes that the game offers and not just try them. That is because this feature allows you to instantly bring your characters up to speed in terms of levels. If this all sounds interesting to you then keep reading to learn how to Knowledge Transfer in Lost Ark and how to fix it when it doesn’t work.

What is Knowledge Transfer in Lost Ark?

how to knowledge transfer in lost ark

Knowledge Transfer is the ability to use gold to bring your alternate characters to the same level as your main character. This feature is highly appreciated by the players as you can spend some gold to save around 10-15 hours of grinding time to level up your alternate characters. You can boost your character by using 600 gold.

How to do Knowledge Transfer

  1. You can start using knowledge transfer after your main character or at least one character has completed the main quest.
  2. Your character should be of level 50.
  3. Lastly, you need also to complete the stronghold quests.
  4. Once you fulfill the above criteria you will unlock the ability of Knowledge transfer.
  5. Use this ability on your alt character. You will also need 600 gold for Knowledge transfer.
  6. When you start the process of knowledge transfer you cannot cancel it and will have to wait for it to complete.
  7. It takes 8 hours for your Alt character to complete knowledge transfer.
  8. Once the knowledge transfer is complete your alt character and your main character will be of the same levels.

How to Fix Knowledge Transfer not working in Lost Ark

If you are unable to use Knowledge transfer, chances are you might be doing wrong. You have to use knowledge transfer on your alt character that is the character that you want to level up and not on your main character. Keep playing with the alt character until you get the song of escape. You can check this fix discussed in the Lost Ark forums here.

That covers everything you should know about how to knowledge transfer in Lost Ark. If you like this game then don’t miss out on our other guides on how to change guild name and the best engravings tier list.