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Lost Ark Currency Types: How To Get & Use Currencies

Here's what you need to know about Lost Ark Currency Types as well as how to get and spend them.

In most games, there’s the main currency and some secondary currencies. But in Lost Ark, there are lots of currency types with very specific uses and different values. The game does introduce the currencies step by step so that you are not overwhelmed. But still, things can get pretty confusing. Here are the basics of every currency that you can keep in mind.

Lost Ark Currency Types Guide – How to Get & Use Them?

You can use currencies in this game to buy items, upgrade your gear, unlock fast travel and more. Let’s look at the major and minor currencies that you need to know about.

Important Currencies in Lost Ark

Royal Crystals

This is the premium currency that you can use to buy cosmetic items in the shop. If you buy the Founder’s pack (Platinum), you will get 7000 Royal Crystals and with the Gold pack, you will get 4000 Royal Crystals.

How to Get Royal Crystals?

You need to spend real-world money to get Royal Crystals in Lost Ark.

Crystals or Blue Crystals

This is the currency you need to use to get items in the game. Mari’s Secret Store will require these Crystals for purchases.

How to Get Crystals?

You need to simply play the game to get Crystals. Tasks include completing quests, clearing dungeons, earning achievements etc. You can also exchange Royal Crystals or Gold through the Currency Exchange in the game.


You will need Gold to buy consumables as well as equipment/gear/reforging gear. Plus, if you are planning to use the Auction house, Gold will be useful in that case.

How to Get Gold?

Complete quests, raids to earn them naturally by playing the campaign. You can also exchange Royal Crystals through the Currency Exchange to get Gold.


Silver is required to get materials, repair equipment, travel from one continent to another, use Triports for fast travel and also to buy items from vendors you meet along the way.

How to Get Silver?

Keep playing the quests, clear dungeons and complete tasks in the game to earn Silver.

lost ark currencies explained

Other Currencies in Lost Ark – How to Get & Use them

  • Pheon – If you wish to buy something rare from the Auction House, you need to have Pheons with you. You can obtain Pheon by spending Royal Crystals in the in-game Shop.
  • Sylmael Bloodstone – These are related to Guilds. If you use them at the Guild Trader, you can get some helpful items. You need to do Guild quests and wars to get your hands on this currency.
  • Pirate Coins – As the name suggests, any purchases related to sailing and ships will need Pirate coins. And to get them, you need to do more tasks with your ship.
  • Providence Stone – This item can be used when interacting with NPCs. If you exchange it through NPC Nada, you can get Rapport items. Complete quests and defeat enemies to get more of these.
  • Courage Tokens/Coins – Specific to PvP, this currency will help you buy items from the PvP trader.
  • Feather – Feathers are used to revive yourself when you die. You need to have some Royal Crystals with you to purchase Feathers.
  • Currencies specific to an island – As you move around and explore more areas, you will come across new currencies specific to the island. Use it to purchase something on that island.
  • Amethyst Shards – You can use Amethyst Shards to exchange with the Amethyst Shard Exchange Merchant who is present in North Vern. To get these Shards, you need to claim your Twitch Drops or you can link your Amazon Prime account with the game.

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