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Which Lost Ark Class Is Best to Play?

Confused about what Class to play as in Lost Ark? Follow this guide and you get what you were looking for.

Lost Ark is finally here and everyone is excited to start their adventures. In Lost Ark, you will be roleplaying as one of the current 5 classes. Each of them has unique abilities and playstyles, one of them may be for you. Staying around this topic, what playstyle should you use? So which Class should you Play in Lost Ark?. All of these questions will be answered in this guide and it will help you choose your perfect Class in Lost Ark.

Which Class Should You Play in Lost Ark?


classes in lost ark

Lost Ark comes with a variety of Classes. If you like the in-your-face Tank/Damage Dealing Class then any of the Warrior subclasses will be of your liking. Melee & Magic, this combination can be found in the Martial Artists Class. They are fit for Speed and Quick Attacks. If traditional Melee or Magic attacks are not your style then whipping out the Gun as a Gunner Class will be your go-to. Do you love supporting your Allies? Then the Mage Class should be your pick as this class has a variety of Support for Allies & Harm for Enemies. Assassins is a Class where you fight Evil with Evil. This is another Melee-based Class but uses the Demonic powers to help the Good.

In Lost Ark, there are no fixed roles like Tanks, Damage Dealers, Healers, etc. Each of the above Classes can fill these roles, some better than others. Each Sub-Class in this game is unique, but you will find some that are pretty similar. To answer What Class you should Play in Lost Ark, we must first know what Playstyle you like.


All the Classes that are present in Lost Ark have their strengths and weaknesses. Choosing any one of the classes & their Sub-Class will not affect your game on a larger scale. If you are a more aggressive player, then Classes like the Warriors (Berserker, Paladin, or Gunlancer), Assassin (Shadowhunter & Deathblade), & Martial Artists (Striker, Wardancer, Scrapper, or Soulfist) are your best Picks. If you are a more passive player then Gunner (Gunslinger, Artillerist, Deadeye, or Sharpshooter) & Mage ( Bard or Sorceress) will be your best Pick. Sub-Classes are not restricted to their Classes. They can have traits from other classes like the Paladin subclass from Warriors. They can deal Damage and Tank for Allies but can even Support them with their Holy Powers.

What Are the Lost Ark Classes?

In Lost Ark, there 5 Classes and a total of 15 Sub-Classes. Those being:


  • Warrior:
    • Berserker
      They are a Class of Powerful Greatsword Wielding Warriors. Berserkers can enter into Burst Mode where they are virtually unstoppable with increased Damage, Speed, & gain Skills that will decimate any opponent.
    • Paladin
      Paladins possess divine powers from the Gods and they use them to help Allies & punish Enemies. This Class can support from the backlines or be the Sword at the frontlines in Lost Ark.
    • Gunlancer
      Gunlancers are the Shields of the team. They have a formidable weapon of the Gunlance but focus on absorbing damage from Enemies to protect their Allies.
  • Martial Artists:
    • Striker
      Strikers are a Subclass that specializes in Fast & Powerful Melee attacks before the Enemy can do anything. They also incorporate Elemental Skills to inflict more pain on their foes.
    • Wardancer
      Unlike the Strikers, Wardancers are not specialists in Martial Arts but can achieve feats just like Strikers. With their elegant movement and acrobatics, you will see a symphony of destruction upon their enemies. With their Lightning-quick reflexes, they can deal Fast attacks with Elemental Skills.
    • Scrapper
      The Scrapper Subclass is an interesting one as they don’t attack like the other traditional Martial Artists Subclasses. They are armed with Heavy Gauntlets that use two inverse energy forms that can feed each other. With other Martial Artists subclasses, you are meant to deliver a flurry of blows while the Scrapper class in Lost Ark is meant to be more Methodical.
    • Soulfist
      This Class is a Melee attacker, as well as a Ranged attacker in Lost Ark. Soulfists, who can switch between Melee & Ranged to deal Damage. Their Abilities rely on the Adamance special energy that allows them to attack or sustain themselves.
  • Gunner:
    • Gunslinger
      Gunslingers come prepared for any fight with a wide range of Guns. They attack from a range, by dealing a flurry of shots to destroy their enemies. They are also nimble and fast.
    • Artillerist
      Think of this Class in Lost Ark like the Gunslingers but bigger, meaner, and tougher. They have the biggest Guns and will Nuke every opponent in front of them. Because of their big gun, they are not as Mobile as their counterparts.
    • Deadeye
      Ever liked Zoro from One Piece? Well, then this class radiates his essence but with Guns. These Badasses will get in your face and shoot you at point-blank. They don’t care what happens to them as long as their target is neutralized.
    • Sharpshooter
      If Guns are not liking then try out this class in Lost Ark. The Sharpshooters uses Mechanical Bows with Special Arrows and with their high survivability and agility, they will outlast everyone. Perfect to weaken the Enemies.
  • Mage:
    • Bard
      Bards recite soothing serenades that heals and supports their Allies while playing harsh tones that bring pain to Enemies. They are perfect for supporting a team in any fight.
    • Sorceress
      They are the Masters of Disaster. The Sorceress Class in Lost Ark can hail Elemental destruction where no Enemy can survive.
  • Assassin:
    • Shadowhunter
      Shadowhunters use Demonic powers to beat their Enemies. They call on the Darkside to fight for the side of Light.
    • Deathblade
      They wield Blades that can quickly slice through Enemies. With the Power of Chaos and the Swords they wield, they can bring the death of a thousand Blades to their Enemies.

What Class should you Play in Lost Ark is a question that only you can answer. The best part is you cannot have a wrong answer as you have multiple classes under your name. If you want to know what is the best Class to play as Solo then you can refer to our guide on Best Solo Class in Lost Ark. This was all about the Class you should play as in Lost Ark. Hopefully, this guide has helped you.