Lost Ark Classes Tier List – Best Class For PvP, PvE, DPS

Wondering which class should you use in Lost Ark? Check out this Tier List to get help with it.

Lost Ark has a total of 15 classes and many players don’t know which class to begin as. That is where this Tier List comes in. When there are multiple classes in a game some are bound to be stronger than the others. So let us take a look at this Lost Ark Classes Tier List ranking the best classes from best to worst.

Lost Ark Classes Tier List

all classes tier list for lost ark

Before we get into this tier list, these classes are just my recommendation of the best classes. If you have played this game before or have already started and feel a class is placed in the wrong tier, then that is completely fine. You can still enjoy playing with your favorite class. So without further ado let us take a look at the Lost Ark Best Classes Tier List:

Tiers Class
S Tier Scrapper
S Tier Paladin
S Tier Sorceress
A Tier Bard
A Tier Deathblade
A Tier Glaivier
A Tier Gunlancer
A Tier Shadowhunter
B Tier Berserker
B Tier Deadeye
B Tier Sharpshooter
B Tier Striker
B Tier Destroyer
B Tier Wardancer
C Tier Artillerist
C Tier Gunslinger
D Tier Soulfist

Scrapper – Best PvP Class in Lost Ark

This is one of the best classes that the game has right now. No matter if you are a beginner or a pro you can easily pick up her. Scrapper is a Martial Artist who deals a lot of damage with her heavy gauntlets.


This Tank class is the best if you are willing to learn how it works. Not only do you get to deal damage to the enemies, but they can also act as a support for the rest of the team. Paladin isn’t exactly a beginner-friendly class but if you can learn it, it can be quite powerful.

Sorceress – Best PvE Class in Lost Ark

It is a very good class if you like to deal with high damage from a distance. The Sorceress is a Mage class that can deal elemental damage that is also AoE. While she may have high offensive power you will have to maintain distance from your foes as she isn’t the most durable and can die easily.


Another Tank class in this game is the Gunlancer. Unlike the Berserker, they have high HP and damage resistance and hence fulfill their role properly if you are solely trying to tank that is. Do remember this class isn’t as fast or damage dealing when you compare it with the Berserker.

Shadowhunter – Best DPS Class in Lost Ark

Shapeshifting can be a very scary ability. And Shadowhunter as an assassin is a very good example of it she can use her abilities for both melees and ranged attacks and is a very stronger character.


This is a support class. If you intend to play this game solo then you will find very little use of her. But if you play with a party then she can be very troublesome for the opponent. Bards can give heal and shield buffs to the entire party. Although she is a little difficult character to learn. If you are looking for a supporting character to play then Bard is definitely the Mage to pick.


If you like relying on high critical damage then this class is all you need. Deathblade is an Assassin, that can deal a lot of high damage. The only problem you will have is to keep her alive because just like the mages, assassins aren’t very durable either not to mention you don’t even get the advantage of the range.


This is a Tank that does AoE damage. It is a beginner-friendly class. So if you have never played a tank before and are trying to dip your toes in this class, you should start with Berserker. While this class might be a tank you will find them often having a higher offense which is great, but not that good of defense for a tank.


If you love combo attacks, then striker is for you. This is a Martial Artist class that you should use if you want to deal high damage with combos while having some fun.


This is the fastest Martial Artist in the game. While one may not consider Wardancer to be the most advanced class, I think she definitely qualifies. Her moves and ultimate requires precise timing.


This game couldn’t be complete without having Marksmen in it or as they are called Gunners here. Do you love shotguns? If yes then Deadeye is the gunner you should gun for. They need to be up close to their enemies to make the most of their ability. But while being close to your enemy can be a danger for a gunner that is also the only way to deal the most damage with Deadeye.


If you are looking to attack in a straight line while keeping your distance from your enemies then Sharpshooter is the Gunner you are looking for.


If you want more than to use a gun and become one then Artillerist is the right choice for you. This class is ranged but not the fastest so if the enemy can get a hold of you then that means bad news. So be ready to learn all the different movesets if you plan to use it.


Gunslinger usually uses a sniper rifle. So if you really want to do ranged damage this is your pick. But it is important to know that they aren’t quite easy to learn.

Soulfist – Lost Ark Best Classes Tier List

Soulfist is a Martial Artist best used for her ultimate. While she does some explosive damage, learning and controlling her is quite difficult. And many players may not find the outcomes as rewarding.


Glaivier is a Martial Artist. This character is very interesting and players that love multiple weapons on the same character will love her. Thanks to her spear she has good coverage in terms of range. When playing as her you will have to find the balance between both of her stances and which one suits you. And when to use certain stances for particular enemies.


If you like playing as a tank then this is another one of the options you can go for. This character is more suited for PvP over PvE. As your teammates can compensate for your low speed. But for the story campaign, using Destroyer can be somewhat of a hassle. But aside from his mobility, he gets a giant hammer that can do a lot of damage. This is particularly thanks to his gravity-controlling abilities.

That sums up this tier list of the best classes in Lost Ark. If you like playing this game then check out our other guides on how to create your character, how to leave a guild, and how to change servers in Lost Ark.