Lost Ark Character Creation & Customization Guide

Wondering what all options are available for you in Lost Ark when it comes to creating your character? Keep reading to find out.

Lost Ark not only allows you to create a character but also gives a plethora of options when it comes to customizing your character. Since this is an MMORPG making your character look the best and stand out from the crowd is part of the experience. And while the whole character creation process can be intimidating, it isn’t all that difficult. So in this character creation guide let us take a look at how to create and customize your character in Lost Ark.

How to Create a Character in Lost Ark

lost ark character creation guide

Select a class and a subclass for your character from the below options:

  • Warrior
    • Berserker (Male)
    • Gunlancer (Male)
    • Paladin (Male)
  • Mage
    • Bard (Female)
    • Sorceress (Female)
  • Martial Artist
    • Scrapper (Female)
    • Soulfist (Female)
    • Striker (Male)
    • Wardancer (Female)
  • Gunner
    • Artillerist (Male)
    • Deadeye (Male)
    • Gunslinger (Female)
    • Sharpshooter (Male)
  • Assassin
    • Deathblade (Female)
    • Shadowhunter (Female)

Once you select your class and advanced class you will create your character and can start customizing it.

How to Customize your Character in Lost Ark

While you get multiple customization options you will always begin with your character-specific armor.

On the right side of the screen you get many options, let us check each of them.

  • Base: This is, as the word says the base of your character, you get several options here to see how they look in their armor and with different hair and various other styles.
    If you are happy with any of the presets you can start playing the game with this character else you can modify the following aspects.
  • Face: Just like the base you get several presets for your character’s face. Alternatively, you can expand the advanced option to toggle the face as per your choice. These are the features of your face that you can customize.
    • Eyes
    • Eyebrows
    • Cheeks
    • Chin
    • Nose
    • Mouth
  • Hair: Here you get several hair options, many of these hairstyles are made to suit the class. Additionally, you are also allowed to change your hair color through a color wheel. And lastly, there is an option called Two-tone, which lets you add and blend two colors for your hair. All the while having many sub-settings to help with the customization. Oh, and the game also gives you the feature to hide your helmet.
  • Eyes: Here you get options to customize both your eyes together or one eye at a time.
  • Skin: Skin lets you customize the following features.
    • Skin color
    • Wrinkles
    • Shine Intensity
    • Freckles
  • Special: Here you get to add Makeup and Tattoos to your character. You get makeup options for your character’s eyes, eyebrows, lips, and blush. And as for Tattoos, they are basic fixed, fixed+, basic moving, and moving+.
  • Voice

On the top left corner you get Display Outfits, these are basically different clothes for your character. Below it, you get the Emotes/Actions options, you can use these emotes to check what your character looks like while dancing.

Finally, you also get 5 slots in the Preset Settings to save your customization presets that you can later load if you want to change something without starting from the beginning.

That sums up this Character creation guide on how to create and customize your character in Lost Ark. If you like playing this game don’t forget to check our other guides on how to leave a guild, how to change your server, and how to change mouse controls in Lost Ark.