Lost Ark: How To Change Mouse Controls & Best Settings

Looking for a way to change your Mouse Controls in Lost Ark? Check out this guide to learn how.

Lost Ark is out for the western audience after a long wait. While the game isn’t really the newest MMORPG, it is fresh for the new players. And since you can finally play this game many players are wondering how to change your Mouse Controls in Lost Ark. So if you are one such player keep reading as we have you covered with how you can change mouse settings and the recommended mouse controls for Lost Ark and the best mouse settings.

How to Change Mouse Controls in Lost Ark

how to change lost ark mouse controls

  1. Launch the game, and while in-game press the Esc-key on your Keyboard.
  2. It will open the Game menu where you will see several options.
  3. Click on the gear cogwheel icon in the last bottom section to open Settings.
  4. Here you can change two things in your mouse controls.
    • Attack:
      1. In Settings click on the Hotkeys dropdown.
      2. Now choose Basic Controls.
      3. Here you will see an option called Attack with Right-click. Check it to attack with right-click and move with left-click. Alternatively, you can uncheck it to start moving by right-clicking and attacking by left-clicking.
    • Cursor:
      1. In Settings click on the Accessibility tab.
      2. Here you will find two sections Control Accessibility and Video Accessibility.
      3. Toggle the Cursor to change the cursor color and Mouse Cursor Size to change your cursor size in the Control Accessibility section.

Best Mouse settings

The best mouse settings that I would recommend is to check Attack with Right-click and keep the cursor medium. I suggest medium because it won’t take too much space while still being visible. You should also pick a color that you don’t find distracting. Ultimately, the best mouse settings in Lost Ark are something that works well for you, so you should apply these recommendations and try playing with them to see what works best for you.

That covers this guide on how to change mouse controls in Lost Ark and the best mouse settings. If you are having trouble playing this game then you should find our guides helpful on how to fix connection timed out and how to check the server status of Lost Ark.