All Content Warning Game Monsters List

Numerous monsters are waiting to pose for you in Content Warning. Here’s a list of all of them.

Content Warning is the latest addition to the unique survival-horror games list after Lethal Company. Your objective in this game is to go viral by filming scary monsters and uploading their videos on a platform called “SpookTube“. At first, you will find normal creatures like Spiders and Ghosts. But once you begin to explore deeper, you will see that there are more of them lurking in the dark.

You need to understand every monster in the Content Warning game. So to help you with that, we have created this guide that features every monster we have come across during our playthrough. So you can refer to it and learn their behavior and some crucial steps to tackle them.

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All Monster Types in Content Warning Game

Note: The names of these creatures aren’t official as there’s no in-game description about them. So we have named those creatures based on their appearance.


Spiders are your normal eight-legged creatures with a flat head. This creature shoots a web to catch its prey (you) so be careful while exploring.


A Ghost looks like a child who’s wearing a white bedsheet with a knife in its hand. It chases the nearby player and attacks with its knife when the victim is in the range. You can sprint away from this monster to survive.


It appears like a human with all of its limbs being outstretched. It uses all four of its limbs to crawl in the dark and hates coming in contact with light. So you can use your flashlight to scare and fend it off.


This monster in Content Warning has a mixer head and a human body with no hands. It only attacks in a straight line so you can move out of the way to avoid being its victim.


Slimes looks exactly like its name, a glowy blob that does no damage to the players. However, it will drag you toward an area where other monsters are more likely to be spawned. So the best you can do is move out of its way before it catches you.

War Robot

This four-legged robotic creature has a machine gun attached to it. You can easily spot them as they have a red-colored light coming out of their sight. It will start firing its machine gun once it locates you. So make sure to hide behind walls and objects to survive its wrath.

Bomber Frog

A Bomber Frog has no legs but two large claws attached to its body. It hops around like a frog until it finds its prey and starts attacking by throwing bombs. Whenever you find this monster in Content Warning, running away from it will be a clever choice.

Iron Maiden

This isn’t a monster but still a threat to you and your teammates. An Iron Maiden is a trap that has tools attached to it that deal damage to the trapped player. Other players will have to solve a puzzle that’s displayed on the tablet to free the victim. Or else you may lose your teammate.

Big Tooth

This big foot-sized human-like creature has giant teeth, giving out a terrifying look. The best way to avoid being its victim is by simply staying out of its way. Otherwise, it will make sure to hunt you down.


A Centipede that almost resembles a human being has its limbs outstretched toward the player. This monster in Content Warning likes to manhandle players. If it catches you, it will pick you up and throw you away making you lose half of your health. Unfortunately, it can also throw you on your teammate causing both of you to lose some health.


While this creature has a bigger mouth, it has short and stubby limbs. Its overall height is also short and it prefers to chase single victims. It always attacks from behind and it prefers not to get spotted. So being cautious is one of the best solutions for tackling this Monster in the Content Warning. Or else, you can use a Shock Stick to put it in its place.

Long Ears

This monster has crazy big ears and can chase players making noise. While hearing noises is its strength, it is also its weakness. Meaning, you can shout out loud near your microphone to scare away this monster.

Eye Guy

Eye Guy is a stony creature with 3 eyes, 1 on the front, and 2 on its back. It also has sharp claws which it uses to attack the players. Eye Guy stands still in the dark and only moves when you throw light on it. The source of the light can come from anywhere like the Torch or the Camera. You can easily outrun Eye Guy as it relatively moves slower.


This one so far is one of the toughest monsters to escape. Barnacle has tentacles that it can swing to attack the players. It can also spin around and form a tornado to cause some damage. In case you are at a distance, Barnacle can spit on you to deal minor damage to you and your teammates. Your best bet to evade this monster is by running through different rooms and confusing it. This will slow down this monster, allowing you to escape.


This monster is a magical entity that is known to exist on every server. It has a big red eye on its face and is also pretty huge in size. You will know this monster is nearby when all the lights on the map start to flicker. Once Cyclops shows up, you can’t look anywhere else but right in its eye. You will be completely frozen and any attempt to escape will be failed. After stalking you for a while, this monster will kill you. You can not escape this. So the best way to tackle this monster in Content Warning is by simply going back home. Plan to escape when the lights around you begin to flicker.

The above list is incomplete as there can be more monsters lurking in the abandoned factory. So, we will update this guide if we find a new monster.

Now that you know almost all the Monsters in Content Warning, be sure to record them on your camera and go viral. Aside from this, if you are interested to learn more about this game then feel free to browse through our Content Warning section on Gamer Tweak to find topics like best funny faces, mods, and more.