Best Content Warning Mods to Use

Love playing Content Warning and are looking for some ways to get even more out of the game? These 10 are some of the best mods that you can use.

PC gaming and modding are quite an inseparable duo, that works wonders on multiplayer games. As such when you have a fun game where you go filming an abandoned factory to find monsters, you know people want to have their way with it. So here are some of the best Content Warning mods. Here you can find something that everyone can enjoy from mods that offer additional features like infinite stamina, better quality-of-life upgrades, and more fun stuff.

Best Content Warning Mods

Best Mods For Content Warning Game
Image Credits: Landfall Publishing and MoreCustomization mod. These are the 10 best mods that you must give a try in Content Warning.
  • MoreCustomization – by DiabolicalStudios
  • Virality – by MaxWasUnavailable
  • CWMouseWheel – by zatrit
  • MoreColors – by ViViKo
  • JuukenQoLMod – by Juuken
  • NoMoreSpooders – by AncientKoala
  • NoJumpScare – by letmusicring
  • Super Stamina – by VZL
  • CustomVideoSaveLocation – by RamuneNeptune
  • CameraFPSChanger – by Wackery

Before checking them out make sure you also have BepInEx-BepInExPack mod installed and set up. This is a prerequisite of almost every mod listed here. Aside from that you should also ask your friends to have the mods you plan to use installed in their game as well. This will make sure there are no unexpected behavior like crashes that could happen if some players are using mods while others aren’t. Now here is what features each of them has to offer.


Starting this list with one of the most basic features is more options to customize your face. MoreCustomization increases the character limit to 128 when customizing your face. But that is not all, you can also directly copy/paste in the terminal and even get infinite size adjustments for your character’s face.

Virality – Best Mod for Content Warning Game

Virality More Players Mod For Content Warning
Image Credits: Landfall Publishing and Virality. You can play with more than 4 players using this mod.

If customization isn’t your thing rather you are looking for practicality and something that lets you play with more of your friends at once then this mod is for you. Some of the notable features of Virality include:

  • Bigger lobby sizes that you can set a limit of.
  • Friends can join the game late. You can set this off or on.
  • Right-click Steam Join. You can set this off or on.

While using it, only 4 players must sleep to start the next day.


Speaking of handy features, players who play FPS games are used to scrolling the mouse wheel to change equipment. Sadly, in this game, you can only use it to zoom in and out of the camera. But with the CWMouseWheel mod that is no longer an issue. It lets you use your mouse wheel to change equipment as for zooming the camera you can use the Z key.


Image Credits: Landfall Publishing and MoreColors. You get more color options in Content Warning.

Coming back to customization features, MoreColors is a mod as the name might suggest offers you more color options for your character’s face.


If you feel the reason behind the lack of viral videos is its length, then this mod has got you covered. JuukenQoLMod increases the default video length from 90 seconds to 180 seconds. Now, you can get even longer footage of the creepy monsters!


Do you have arachnophobia? Well, the NoMoreSpooders mod might be for you. It turns the in-game spiders into balls which makes encountering them not scary!


Jump scares in horror games are to be expected but not everyone is a big fan of them, especially on how they are done. The NoJumpScare mod takes care of the handling part by removing the screen shake effect and sound when you encounter a new enemy for the first time.

Super Stamina – Custom Warning Best Mods

Super Stamina
Image Credits: Landfall Publishing and Super Stamina. You get unlimited Stamina using this mod.

While we are on the topic of handling horror, one of the most effective ways to deal with it is to just run away. And that is why the Super Stamina is a mod that almost everyone will like. It simply gives players infinite stamina. If you find that broken then worry not, there are other mods like LongerSprinting or BetterSprint, that work on the same problem. That gives you similar functionality.


The whole plot of this game revolves around making scary videos so you are bound to save one if you make something really interesting. But the thing is by default it gets saved to your desktop and many players want to change that. CustomVideoSaveLocation mod does just that.


For the last mod on this list, we have the CameraFPSChanger. As the name might suggest, it increases the default value of 24 FPS that the camera usually records at to a higher FPS.

That is all for the best mods that you must use with Content Warning. If you need help on other topics of this game be sure to check our guides on how to change your face, add & play with friends, film something scary, and the list of all items.